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What's a woolly wooby?

Why, it's only the softest, cutest, most cuddly-wuddly creature in the magical cloud forest! The Woolly Wooby sleeps for 99.9% of its life, and it likes nothing more than to snuggle up next to a body and keep it warm. That's why its pelt makes the world's most perfect blanket, which we're offering for a very limited time.

Is the woolly wooby exactly the same as the vagisoft blanket?

Yes. We're seeing which name sells more blankets.

The woolly wooby is:

  • 100% machine washable
  • A spacious 54" x 70" (more than 26 square feet of spectacular snuggly softness!)
  • Made in San Francisco  



Woolly Wooby Blanket

Hey kids, do you know who’s the cuddliest, craziest creature in the magical cloud forest? Why, it’s the Woolly Wooby, the super softie who sheds his resplendent pelt every summer for Betabrand scientists to collect by the hundreds! Hooray!!

Here are some fun facts about the world’s softest creatures:

  • Lacking teeth, they happily graze in fields of cotton candy.
  • If injured, a Woolly Wooby will bleed moisturizer.
  • Mating call most closely resembles a soft-rock sax solo.
  • Used by the Sultan of Brunei’s royal laundry team in lieu of fabric softener.
  • An order of magnitude more tender than fillet of Shmoo.
  • Their language has 37 words for “cuddly-wuddly” — but not a single one for “chafing.”
  • When frightened, will hide in the nearest pillow factory. As you might have noticed, the Woolly Wooby is actually the kid- and Puritan-friendly version of Betabrand’s other incredibly soft — and somewhat infamously named — product. We leave it to you to decide which best suits your personal blanketing needs.

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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