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  • Julie wears the womens light yellow shirt-dress next to blossoming trees
  • A redhead model wears the womens light yellow shirt-dress by a stone wall
  • The womens light yellow shirt-dress hangs on display in the Betabrand photo studio
  • A model plays with a bubble gun while wearing the womens light yellow shirt-dress
  • The blue cuffs and white cuff buttons of the womens light yellow shirt-dress
  • A PhD candidate reads her textbook while wearing the womens light yellow shirt-dress
  • A PhD candidate is interviewed in Canada while wearing her womens light yellow shirt-dress
  • The womens light yellow shirt-dress has easily-adjustable side buttons
  • A model wears the womens light yellow shirt-dress while leaning on a white wood fence next to a blue sky.
  • Asha laughs playful in her Betabrand womenswear
  • A model balances while sitting in the womens light yellow shirt-dress by Betabrand

How does it fit?

Our shirt dress has a relaxed silhouette and comes with adjustable side tabs so you can create a more tailored waistline when desired — it cinches in as much as four inches.

How do I care for it?

Hand wash cold, line dry.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: 100% cotton.
  • Adjustable buttoned waist tabs for a wide range of fits.
  • Contrasting chambray details on the inside of the cuffs, waist tabs, and back yoke.
  • Chest pocket on wearer’s left.
  • Curved hemline is slightly lower in the back than the front.
  • White buttons with a slight sheen

Other Colors

Smart Fashion, Smarter Models

Our Women's Spring Collection is modeled by PhDs and doctoral candidates.

women's blue plaid shirt dress

Customer Reviews

Upon receiving Betabrand's checked shirt dress in the mail I noticed their softness rating chart, which indicated that the dress was at the vagisoft level, just shy of being as soft as the womb of a marshmallow mermaid. I do feel that this softness rating is fairly accurate as I was going about my day and not really noticing the article of clothing at all, almost like it was my own skin. I am a petite woman and it was nice to have adjustment buttons on the sides to cinch the waist in, I decided to add a belt for style. The sleeve length was perfect. Overall the checked shirt dress was fashionable casual, can be worn year round, and a great addition to my closet.

Great dress for a casual day in the park, bookstore, and a bubble fight.

Women’s Light Yellow Check Shirt-Dress

Betabrand womenswear designer Tony Wloch updated the classic Shirt Dress with a bevy of improvements. We’ll let him explain the rest:

I've always appreciated well-made women's shirt dresses, but I don't like that many of them neglect to complement the female figure. My updated take on this classic women's garment includes an adjustable waist cinch that highlights a woman's silhouette.

Better yet, the dress can be worn without the cinched waist creating a more casual, loose flowing dress that'll look great in almost any laid-back environment.

I also added the casual comfort of three-quarter-length sleeves and made it just long enough so it'll look fantastic with or without leggings. All on top of the fact that I've fused in many of the best details from a high-end men's button-down.

Tony Wloch

Tony is a professional apparel designer, fashion design student, independent design entrepreneur, and reluctant insomniac. A jack of all trades in the fashion industry, he has hauled production runs out of the back alleys of Los Angeles and worked on designs that were shown on the runways of Milan.

With ties to the gutted industrial complex of Detroit he has experienced the ripple effects of jobs shipped overseas first hand and has consequently supported the use and spread of American production. Follow him on Instagram @bobbinandrex for insider looks at the apparel industry, fashion school life, and various San Francisco shenanigans.

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