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  • side by side view illustrating the reversible fit of the Betabrand Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie
  • Close up photo of the Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie zipper and hood toggles.
  • Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie model poses in the middle of a group of people wearing betabrand disco clothing
  • Rear view of the fit of the Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie by Betabrand with hood up
  • Inga wears the Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie in a fun house
  • Close up on the lower pocket and sleeve of the Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie
  • Rear view of Inga watching sunset while wearing her Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie
  • Model wears Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie at Burning man
  • Product layout photo of Womens Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie laying on office floor
  • How does it fit?

    Our Women's Reversible Disco Hoodie is snug and slim-fitting. If you prefer a baggier fit, we suggest the men’s version.

    How is it sized?

    Generally speaking, you can pretend that you're shopping for a regular ol' T-shirt. For more specific sizing info, see the guide.

    How do I care for it?

    Hand wash cold, line dry, cool iron (non-disco side).

    Vital Statistics

    • Fabric: shimmering disconium (92% poly, 8% spandex) on one side, 100% cotton French terry (black) on the other.
    • Twin kangaroo pockets, inside and out.

    Other Colors

    women's reversible disco Hoodie spec

    Women's Silver Reversible Disco Ball Hoodie

    The Supersonic, Discotronic Hoodie

    After years of research and development, the women's version of our Reversible Disco Hoodie has finally arrived!

    Billions of dollars have been spent. Hundreds of men, women, and robots have sacrificed the best years of their lives. At least 300 square miles of Amazon rainforest has been scorched beyond recognition. But it was totally worth it.

    Like the rest of our DiscoLab collection, the Disco Hoodie is guaranteed to help you make a nuclear-fueled spectacle of yourself, no matter where you wear it.

    Because so many women have asked about this wondrous new garment, we’ve assembled the following helpful Q&A.

    Q: Was the Disco Hoodie created from retro-engineered alien technology? No, that’s preposterous!

    Q: Was the Disco Hoodie worn by an Aztec sun goddess when she wanted to impress her mortal subjects? Possibly.

    Q: Is the Disco Hoodie made from 100% pure disconium, an ultra-rare mineral found only beneath miles of ice and rock in the most remote corner of Antarctica? Exactly!

    Q: If I wear this super-shiny hoodie on a warm day, will I melt my brain? While the Disco Hoodie will blow everyone else’s mind, rest assured that yours will remain cool and comfortable.

    Q: When, if ever, should I reverse the Disco Hoodie? Should you find yourself pursued by a flock of curious ostriches or a horde of paparazzi, simply flip your shimmering hoodie into black-ops stealth mode and slip away into the night.

    Q: Do I have to become an astronaut or a Cirque du Soleil ringmaster to get one? Until today, the answer was yes. Fortunately, now all you have to do is use your credit card.


    disco ball

    Questions? If there's anything else you want to know about this product, please contact us.

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