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How do they fit?

These Gay Jeans have a traditional slim fit; they're a regular fit through the seat and thigh, and are slim/straight width through the leg. If you’re in between sizes, we suggest you order a size up.

Note: These pants ship with a slightly longer inseam, but after the first wash/dry, the inseam will shrink to the regular size.

Gay Jeans are also available in a Stretch-Skinny style.

What if my inseam is 30" or 34"?

We're a small business, so we offer only a few lengths right now. Fortunately, any tailor can hem these pants to your length.

How do I care for them?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, use a warm iron if needed. With each wash, the indigo will fade and rainbow threading will become more visible.

As with all raw denim, we recommend washing the pants separately for the first few washes.

Learn more about properly distressing denim jeans here.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: U.S.-milled denim made from 100% U.S. cotton.
  • Classic 5-pocket style.
  • Dark gold contrast stitching.
  • Made in San Francisco.
rainbow denim gay jeans by Betabrand in a five pocket style

Slim-Fit Rainbow Denim Gay Jeans

Designer Steven B. Wheeler's Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO — Fabric scientists at Betabrand have announced the discovery of Gay Jeans, proof that some denim really is just born that way.

News of this revelation has reignited the debate surrounding issues of denim equality. Denim advocates are heralding the discovery, pointing to it in their argument for equal treatment for different types of jeans.

Gay Jeans begin life looking and acting like regular 5-pocket denim jeans, but as they experience normal washing and wearing over the course of their life, their indigo dye gradually fades away, revealing fabulously colorful yarns just waiting to come out.

Says Dr. Ame Corwin, Advanced Materials Researcher at Betabrand, “We hope Gay Jeans will help end generations of exclusion and unfair treatment for atypical denim. All jeans deserve equal rights, regardless of color, creed, and fiber content.”

Conservative denim groups declined to comment.

Gay Jeans FAQ

Q: What’s the difference between Slim-Cut Gay Jeans and Stretch-Skinny Gay Jeans?

A: Gay Jeans can be worn by anyone! However, there are some key differences between the two versions: The Slim Cut is based on Betabrand’s classic 5-pocket Sons of Britches men’s jeans. They are a regular fit through the seat and thigh, and are slim/straight width through the leg. The Stretch Skinny is based on the women's version of Sons of Britches; they’re great if you want a super-skinny pair of jeans with enough stretch to be comfortable. They have a slightly shorter rise, more allowance for hips, and are narrow all the way down the leg.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my Gay Jeans to come out of the closet?

A: They'll come out when they're good and ready!

Seriously though, we found the colors start to show after about a week of wear, plus one wash cycle. You'll have to be a little patient though, as the colors come out gradually. Good things take time!

If you want to speed things up, try putting them on and rubbing wear into areas like the tops of your thighs, hem, pocket openings, etc. with a fine grit sandpaper before washing. Learn more about properly distressing denim jeans here.

Q: What happens if I don't wash my Gay Jeans very often, or ever? Will they show their true colors?

A: They will eventually start to show color whether you wash them or not. Probably not before you start to smell a little funny, though.

The indigo dyes will fade with wear and the color underneath will show through, but it'll be more subtle and will take longer.

Questions? If there's anything else you want to know about this product, please contact us.

Steven B. Wheeler

Steven B. Wheeler got his start in the fashion at an early age, spending countless hours hunched over his mother's Kenmore sewing machine when he quite honestly should have been doing his homework.

Upon graduation from high school, Steven became an apprentice tailor, where he spent three years learning custom garment creation, pattern drafting, and alterations. He was introduced to old-world techniques, and fell in love with all the unseen engineering that goes into a well-tailored garment.

Steven moved to San Francisco in 2003, simultaneously building an alterations and custom apparel business while earning his BFA in Menswear Design. Since then, Steven has designed apparel for companies both large and small before embarking on his most recent comedic misadventure as a designer at Betabrand.

He continues to maintain an optimistic outlook on life despite this last fact.

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