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How does it fit?

The Caperon is one-size-fits-all.

How do I care for it?

The Caperon is not prewashed. We recommend hand washing in warm water with mild soap, and line drying. (Or machine wash cold, tumble dry low.)

Vital Statistics

  • Easy to adjust for optimal cape and apron fit.
  • Wide front pocket and utensil holster.
  • Bonus utility loop.
  • Made of 100% cotton — and thus 0.0% flame-resistant. If you wear a Caperon while being clumsy and inattentive around fire, you may be very sorry.
  • Made in the USA, of course.

American Flag Cape & Apron

Half Cape, Half Apron, All-American

This isn’t your ordinary cape-apron hybrid. Not even close. For it took a decade of painstaking research and development in the fields of fashion, science, metaphysics, and barbecuing, to name just a few, to create the Caperon — a star-spangled garment truly worthy of America’s heroes of the grill!

Thank goodness our intrepid scientists were able to harvest Dna from hundreds of pro wrestlers, stuntmen, and Elvis impersonators. And get their hands on a particle accelerator for a few days. And convince the ghost of Betsy Ross to leave the celestial plane to come work in our sew shop.

It took all this, and more, to make an apron worthy of a 21-tong salute. An apron that makes you feel like you can burst through walls and blast BBQ sauce from your fingertips. In fact, we dare you to strap on a Caperon and resist the urge to fly.

Here’s some more important information:

  • Spangled with more stars per square foot than the Milky Way.
  • Will make terrorists think twice before targeting your next pig roast.
  • Rumored to grant its owner powers of spontaneous marination.
  • Comfy fit ensures exposed arms and torsos won’t suffer dry rub. The limited-edition Caperon is made in the USA, of course, and available only at

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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