DARPA Hoodie Group Ordering Info

Isn’t it about time you and your fellow coworkers, club members, or doomsday cultists had some cool clothing to call your own? Thank goodness Betabrand is now offering the popular Soft-Top DARPA Hoodie with an insignia patch that you design! (Minimum order of 10, please.)

This isn’t your ordinary hoodie. We started with super-soft, organic cotton/hemp knit. Then we added some algorithmic wizardry, courtesy of our DARPA-grantee pals at Otherlab. (DARPA is the government agency responsible for creating the Internet, stealth fighters, and robots galore.)

The result: A hoodie that’s state-of-the-art in design and comfort. And now you can add a customized patch — the more ridiculous, the better — that your team can wear with pride.

Custom Hoodie Team Pricing (Minimum Order of 10)

The bigger your team, the better the deal. Here’s the lowdown on group discounts:

  • 10–49: $90
  • 50-199: $85
  • 200+: $80 (plus you get to choose any color you want!)

To learn more about group discounts, contact us at matt@betabrand.com. Turn-around time on custom hoodies is about 4-6 weeks. Please note that Betabrand offers group discounts on all other in-stock products when you purchase three or more.