How to Take and Submit Betabrand Photos

Our site is designed to display a billion amateur fashion photos, so it’s time to get snapping.   Upload your photos with our Model Citizen application, and we’ll shoot you a link to your international modeling debut.

Simple tips to translate your experience onto our site:

1. SHOOT HAMBURGER:  Take landscape (horizontally oriented) photos rather than portrait (vertically oriented) photos.  Or, take “hamburger” photos as opposed to “hotdog” photos. Why?  Because landscape photos better suit our horizontally oriented site.

2.  THE BIGGER THE BETTER: Our standard product shots are 940 pixels wide by 550 pixels high, so the bigger the images you send, the more places they can reside on our site. We’ll handle any necessary cropping.

3.  ACTION SHOTS: We design our products to provoke action — chances are you’ve been bold, adventurous, or ridiculous while wearing our Reversible Smoking Jacket, Disco Pants, or Bike to Work Pants.  Next time, have someone snap a photo of you, and we’ll immortalize the moment in the pixels of