Jobs at Betabrand

Do any of the job descriptions below sound a lot like you? If so, we’d like to make your acquaintance. Send resumes and portfolios to

(Don’t see the position you want? We’re always looking for all sorts of talented folks, so let us know why we should consider hiring you!)

  • Customer Service/Community Managers: Our research indicates that screaming incoherently makes for poor customer service. So, we need energetic and engaging people who can interact well with customers and develop dynamic communities around our products. Ideal candidates will have a portfolio of creative work, ideally in photography, video, and/or writing.
  • Production/Design Intern: If you’re hungry to learn more about the garment industry and are a fashion student (or have experience and interest), read on.
  • Web Developer: Have you ever written a sonnet in PHP? A limerick in Javascript? Perhaps you’ve chosen the wrong calling… but if not, oh code poet, click here and read on.