Smoking Jacket vs. the North Atlantic

Many an adventurer has asked us, “Can the Betabrand Reversible Smoking Jacket survive the boat-thirsty, Narwahl-infested waters of the North Atlantic?”  Our stock answer has always been, “Aye, me hearty. ”  But when we discovered that our fearless friend Bill Bowles planned to don his smoking jacket and brave these tempestuous seas in the frozen heart of winter, we began to worry.

An explorer and videoblogger extraordinaire, Bowles set off to measure precisely how big the world is, and his path took him through the treacherous North Atlantic aboard the cargo ship La Tour.  Since Betabrand has a soft spot for any expedition that suggests moderate to severe insanity, we were proud to make Bowles our second sponsored athlete.  Bowles promised us that his Web site,, would highlight great Betabrand globetrotting action over the coming year.  That is, if he survived Poseidon’s icy fury.

He did! So now you can watch Bill demonstrate the seaworthiness of our Reversible Smoking Jacket in this video.

Gentlemen take note: Rugged on the outside, ribald within, these coats are a must-have for the Betabrand man — a hearty soul like Wellington Stack, Beauregard Delacroix, O. Rutherford Pickling III, and, of course, Bill.

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