Leslie & Atul

My husband and I met a year ago on the island of Palawan in the Philippines while each of us was taking a sabbatical from our careers in London and New York.  We spent the next 6 months travelling around the world, from Sri Lanka in Southeast Asia, trekking the Himalayas in Nepal, exploring history in the Middle East in Israel and Jordan and lastly catching a safari and some history in Tanzania and Ethiopia. At the end of our travels, I decided to move to London and 6 months later we decided to elope to Montego Bay, Jamaica- a new destination for both of us. We love to travel and be spontaneous – which is why we decided to seize the moment and elope! The elope dress was perfect for a beach wedding! It is formal enough for indoor/formal outdoor pictures, yet fun and flirty enough to capture the spirit of eloping, especially on a beach.  I loved the dress and it went perfectly for my special day.