Video: Lightweight Cordarounds Launch

On May 4th at 12:00 PST, a vessel of hope will took flight from San Francisco. A pair of helium-borne trousers rose into the firmament, and travelled Eastward upon the breath of angels.  And why? To prove an important point: That cords can be worn all summer long. They’re not just any corduroy, of course, but Cordarounds’ new lightweight, mini-wale trousers.

Weighing in at a scant .9 lbs, these sand trousers with kabloom liners need a mere 17 cubic feet of helium to go airborne — to the envy of common khakis, jeans, and other comparatively leaden summer pants.

Given this compelling data, as well as our pants’ legendary thermodynamic properties, there’s simply no reason to wear anything else this summer, even when swimmin’ or hot tubbin’. For anyone who wears pants and dreams of flight, a veritable air squadron of light summer trousers lies on the tarmac that is our online store.