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  • Straight legged. True to size. They’ll be snug

How do they fit?

Straight legged. True to size. The raw denim jeans will be snug at first, but don’t give up — they loosen up. After a few wears, they’ll fit like they were made for you.

What if my inseam is 30″ or 34″?

We’re a small business, so we offer a limited range of lengths right now. However, any tailor can easily hem these pants to your inseam.

How do I care for them?

Machine wash cold and line dry. Because the raw denim might bleed a little bit, be sure to wash your Sons of Britches by themselves at least once.

Vital Statistics

  • 100% raw cotton denim imported from Italy.
  • 5-pocket jean style.
Mens Raw Denim Jeans Sons of Britches by Betabrand spec

Men's Straight Legged Raw Denim Jeans

Raw Denim Action Pants

In the same way a father gushes with pride when his boy dispatches a moose bare-handed for the first time, we’re awfully proud of Sons of Britches, our extra-rough-and-tumble jeans.

Made in San Francisco from raw Italian denim, Sons of Britches feature intricate stitching, bolt buttons, and a fantastically deep blue hue — not to mention the fact that they’re practically impervious to pain.

Jeans for stuntmen

These jeans are specially engineered to withstand the daily rigors of the stuntman lifestyle. Put on a pair, and you’ll find yourself ready to arm-wrestle a walrus, wheelie-ride down an erupting volcano, or water-ski behind a stealth fighter — perhaps all at once. And we’ve also made sure that our latest edition of Sons of Britches wear more comfortably than ever.

Important info about raw denim

Sons of Britches are made of raw, freshly dyed denim; they haven’t been washed, dried, or chemically faded. Like all raw denim jeans, they might bleed a bit the first time they go in the wash, so be sure to launder them alone at least once.

Put on a pair, and you’ll find yourself ready to arm-wrestle a walrus or wheelie-ride down an erupting volcano.

If you’re a raw-denim purist, don’t bother washing your Sons of Britches at all. Just dry-clean ‘em when they start to smell like a coyote den.

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