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How does it fit?

Comfortably — loose enough to move around in, but not baggy. Choose your

size like you're shopping for a T-shirt. If you're between sizes, choose

the smaller one.

How do I care for it?

Like any garment made from raw wool, the Sasquatch Sweater is dry clean

only. To give it an authentic "wild" look, rub occasionally with berries,

dirt, and bear scat.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: 100% pure Sasquatch.
  • Each sweater thoroughly deloused.
  • Made in California.
  • Exactly like our Black Sheep Sweater.
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Genuine Sasquatch-Wool Sweater

Cryptid Couture

Since time immemorial, the hair of the Sasquatch has been prized by clothing manufacturers for its color, texture, and unique earthy aroma. But this shy creature's reclusive nature — and occasional propensity for sudden and terrible acts of violence — has made genuine Sasquatch-wool garments nearly impossible to find. Until now!

Introducing our new, limited-edition Sasquatch Sweater. Each beautiful

garment is knitted from 100% pure Bigfoot fur, shorn from our free-range

herd in the Cascade Mountains.

Know that our Sasquatch are lovingly raised on an all-organic diet of

berries, roots, and fresh salmon, giving their fur a robust character

that's been compared favorably to the finest black-sheep


Also, rest assured that these garments contain no more than residual amounts of

Sasquatch musk, ensuring that sweater-wearers may visit the forests of the Pacific

Northwest during mating season with only moderate fear of romantic entanglement.

A better sweater begins with a happy Sasquatch: Our

herd enjoys soothing massages and regular pan-flute


Like the Sasquatch itself, these sweaters are liable to disappear at any

moment. Order yours today — only at

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Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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