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Three-Pack Of Reddit Socks

Here at Betabrand HQ, countless hours are lost to reddit every day. We are, to put it mildly, very big fans. We also seem to share a deep, mutual respect for the humble sock.

Quoth our friends at reddit: "Often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, socks provide a window into the soul glimpsed betwixt hemline and shoe. Great philosophers have mused on the possibility of wearing a fresh pair every day."

And now that dream can become reality, thanks to our three pack of reddit socks. They're based on the winners of reddit's recent sock-design survey, which collected more than 46,000 votes! The clever redditors in /r/photoshopbattles/ also helped us create some brilliant image for our product gallery.

These socks are made from a cotton-poly blend and fit men's sizes 6-12 US. (After washing, they fit women's size 7 and up.)

Will cladding your feet in upvotes give you good karma? Order today and find out.

Want even more reddit socks? Then check out the Community Choice 3-Pack.

In addition, these socks are insured! Read on to learn more.

Betabrand Sock Insurance

Every year, millions of innocent socks go missing — never to be heard from again. Statistically speaking, one of those socks was probably yours.

Maybe it disappeared into the space-time vortex inside your washing machine. Or it was pulled off your foot by an angry dog. Or you left it behind as an apoplectic man chased you from your hiding place in his wife's closet.

Betabrand never wants you to feel this heartbreaking loss again. That's why we created Sock Insurance. It's not only fun and easy, it's perhaps the most important sock-related decision you'll ever make.

Want to learn more? Here's how this revolutionary insurance policy works:

Should you lose one of your socks, simply submit a claim by email , including a brief explanation of how you lost your sock and a sad photo of you holding your lone remaining sock. Subject line should read "Help, I Lost A Sock!"

Once our team of adjusters approves your claim, we'll mail you a replacement sock pronto.

A Few Important Things To Remember:

  • Sock Insurance is valid up to one year after purchase.
  • We will replace up to two single socks per pair.
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Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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