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Photo Army Guide / Join Us

Why Join Our Ranks?

Well, we think it’s a great way to showcase your talents, assuming that those talents include operating a camera. We can’t pay you a fortune (unless you accept poorly counterfeited $30 bills), but we can give you a few bucks — plus some pretty cool clothing. Also, we can virtually guarantee that your photos will be adored by millions upon millions of Betabrand fans. Sound good? Then let’s get started!

How to Apply

First, review the guidlines below thoroughly. Next, e-mail with a link to some of your work samples (e.g., on Facebook, Flickr, or a personal Web site). Once we give you the green light, you’ll do a test shoot. If that goes well, you’ll receive an assignment package that includes Betabrand apparel to photograph and a model release form to use.

Photo Army Guide / Art Direction

Our golden rule

Avoid the “high-fashion stare down” at all costs!

Whenever possible, we like to show people doing fun things — eating, drinking, welding — not just making love to the camera. Environments with a lot of color and textures (e.g., parks, sidewalk cafes, artist studios) make great backgrounds.

Photo Army Guide / Shot List

Your Mission

We want you to submit 10-20 images in each of the following three categories, for a total of 30-60 shots per article of clothing.

Fit Shots

Notice how the pants on the right fit the model better, and aren’t wrinkled.

Detail Shots

The image on the right shows good pocket detail. We also like to show buttons, stitching, fabric texture, etc. Why don’t we like the image on the left? Because it’s not close enough to show good detail — but it’s too close to be a fit shot.

Lifestyle Shots

We love candid, slice-of-life images. We frown and groan mightily when presented with posed model shots. (See “high-fashion stare down.”)

Photo Army Guide / Composition

Gallery Images

The final output ratio is 1x1.71 and 940x550 pixels. However, we prefer images to be 2500 pixels wide or larger. Compose your shots so that we won’t have to slice off heads and feet, and take into account the Buy Bar on every product page. Also, keep the product colors true to life; no filters, please.

Horizontal, Not Vertical

ONLY shoot images horizontally-oriented, not vertical. We cannot use vertical images on our site.

Photo Army Guide / Submission & Payment Details

Submission Requirements

  • Always submit 30-60 images per article of clothing.
  • Use a number of different backgrounds and locations.
  • Take horizontal images only, unless otherwise directed.
  • Include photographer and model releases.

Payment Details

OK, let’s talk money — always a topic of interest. For you to get paid, these things must happen:

  • We receive all releases from you (Mr./Miss Photographer) and your model(s).
  • We approve your photos.
  • They appear on

Once we publish your photo(s) on our site, expect your compensation check and clothing credits in 10-14 days.

Explanation of Benefits

Basically, the more usable images you send us, the more money and clothing you’ll get. Seeing as this is a Photo Army, we’ve created these handy, evocative names for each level of compensation:

  • Private:          0-2 photos used in a product gallery = clothes
  • Lieutenant:    3-5 photos used in a product gallery = $100 + clothes
  • General:        6-10 photos used in a product gallery and/or banner ad: $200 + clothes

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