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How do they fit?

True to size, with a straight legged, relaxed fit.

How are they sized?

Check out the handy sizing guide.

How do I care for them?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or line dry, light iron.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: 55% linen, 45% rayon.
  • 100% Japanese cotton liner.
  • Side-flash pockets.
  • Ideal for wearing months at a time.

Black Linen Drawstring Pants

Tropics-Tested Trousers

Don't like wearing pants when the weather turns warm? Maybe you've been wearing the wrong kind. Woolen trousers are hot and itchy. Pleather pants can melt into an unsightly puddle of goo. And chain-mail chaps? They pose too many problems to count.

Consider instead our Pepper Linen Karate Casuals. You can wear these incomparably comfy drawstring trousers year-round, even during the stickiest, sweatiest summers, because we made 'em from some of the lightest, softest linen in the known universe.

Like all Karate Casuals, Pepper Linens are designed for nonjitsu and other recumbent forms of martial artistry. But they’re also great for any warm-weather activity that calls for something slightly fancier than shorts.

How light and refreshing are these pants, exactly? Consider the following empirical evidence:

  • Able to repel even the most sophisticated heat-seeking missile.
  • Voted the official summer trouser of the Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Circles of Hell.
  • Can tempt even the most dedicated nudist.
  • Will instantly transform the worst flatulence into a cool ocean breeze.

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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