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  • orange neon backpack
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Vital Statistics

  • A smaller version of our original Cornucopia Bag , the Short Stack (30-liter-capacity) is the perfect size for people 5'8" or shorter.
  • Main compartment contains two large shelved pockets that unhook to create a full cylinder, plus an interior change pocket and laptop sleeve.
  • Top rolls up like a dry bag and secures with a tough Velcro strap.
  • Made of water-resistant nylon canvas + a Cordura Nylon liner for extra protection.
  • Super-bright interior makes finding your stuff easier.
  • Other goodies: reinforced bottom, blinding reflective strips, utility loop, padded shoulder straps, adjustable chest buckle.
  • 100% machine-washable.
cornucopia bag

Orange Hybrid Sack/Backpack

Our Ultimate Urban Carry-All

Introducing our Short-Stack Cornucopia Bag, a unique hybrid sack/backpack designed for all your daily urban adventures.

We originally created Cornucopia Bags to help cure Farmers Market Frustration, a disorder triggered by an unhealthful deficiency of suitable shopping bags. (Symptoms include clumsily cradling fruits and veggies under your armpits, or scavenging a fistful of flimsy plastic bags that invariably break on the way home.)

But so many customers reported using 'em in a thousand other ways, we decided to add some nifty upgrades to make an even more wonderfully versatile product.

It's a Sack:When you’re ready to fill your Cornucopia Bag chock full of whatever, sling it over your shoulder and open its gaping maw.

Then insert your foodstuffs, gymstuffs, workstuffs, or any other sorts of stuff you’d stuff into a shopping bag, messenger bag, or backpack. Use the stacked compartments to separate items and better spread their weight.

It's a Backpack:When you're ready to roll, slap the bag on your back and away you go.

It’s a Whole Lot More: This durable, water-resistant carry-all comes with enough space to haul just about anything you'll need for a day (or night) on the town. We've also added cyclist-friendly goodies like ultra-reflective strips, padded shoulder straps, and a utility loop.


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