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How do they fit?

Relaxed fit, like lounge pants.

How are they sized

Glad you asked. Here’s a sizing guide:

  • XS: 28-29 waist x 32 inseam
  • S: 30-31 waist x 32 inseam
  • M: 32-33 waist x 32 inseam
  • L: 34-35 waist x 32 inseam
  • L-long: 34-35 waist x 36 inseam
  • XL: 36-38 waist x 32 inseam
  • XL-long: 36-38 waist x 36 inseam

How do I care for them?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low.

Vital Statistics

  • 6 pockets for maximum snack storage
  • Flat-felled seams for extra sturdiness
  • Waistband and ankle drawstrings
Olive Couch Commando Specs

Olive Cotton Twill Pants With Tangerine Liner

Olive Couch Commandos

It’s a fact most Americans would like to ignore: Our country is perpetually under attack by zombies, aliens, and time-traveling Nazi killbots. And were it not for an at-home army of elite U.S. super-soldiers manning our nation’s video-game consoles, surely by now the Capitol would lie in smoldering ruins, and our loved ones would be gorging themselves on our unspooling intestines.

Betabrand wants to thanks these brave couch commandoes for their extraordinary service to our country with a new line of signature drawstring cargo pants — truly the special forces of our popular Karate Casual collection.

Couch Commandos are made of 100% French-twill cotton, so they’re light and incredibly

comfy. But make no mistake: We’ve tailored these trousers for intense virtual combat. They come equipped with six big pockets, including two oversized gusseted cargos that can accommodate several grenades or an emergency ration of Pop-Tarts. Other features

Make no mistake: We’ve tailored these trousers for intense virtual combat.

include drawstring ankle cinches, clever stitching detail, and a flat-felled inseam for extra sturdiness on missions to and from the microwave.

While Couch Commandos are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the U.S. Armchair Forces, we think they’re great for all leisurely summertime ops — not just mowing down fire-breathing Commie cyborgs.

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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