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How does it fit?

The S.F. Hunting Coat is neither slim nor baggy. It fits comfortably and casually (like our Saito Shirt-Jacket).

How is it sized?

Please consult the sizing guide. If you don't know your precise dimensions, choose a size like you were shopping for a regular T-shirt.

How do I care for it?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Vital Statistics

  • Front smock pockets + chest patch pocket.
  • Adjustable collar.
  • Copper jean-style buttons.
  • Military-style epaulets.
  • Flat-felled seams for extra sturdiness.
moss corduroy orange canvas flashback jacket

Moss Corduroy Jacket With Orange Twill Back

For Bay Area Big-Game Hunters

Today, Betabrand is proud to introduce our unique take on a classic fashion staple known as the San Francisco Hunting Coat.

Hunting in San Francisco? Flash back to an earlier, wilder time in the Bay Area, when the forests teemed with all manner of exotic and deadly wildlife, including poisonous flying sloths, the Saber-Toothed Sequoia, and, most notorious of all, the Golden Gato : a ferocious, six-legged, feline abomination that disemboweled Forty-Niners by the hundreds in order to steal and later devour their gold nuggets.

(Historical note: this creature’s unquenchable thirst for precious metal so imperiled the local economy, desperate city leaders built the Golden Gate bridge to lure it into the hills of Marin County, where it's rumored to live even today.)

We took this classic coat design and updated it in soft, subtly ribbed Bedford corduroy with a natural mossy color, to compliment the traditional backing of fine orange twill.

Our new Hunting Coat recalls the wild, untamed San Francisco of yore, when brave men pursued the infamous Golden Gato over hill and dale.

(This “flashback” feature was originally intended as a safety precaution; ironically, several hunters soon discovered that the color orange causes the Golden Gato to fly into an unstoppable, murderous rage.)

As a final touch, we fortified the shoulders with military-style epaulets. Why? As every hunter knows, moose, sasquatch and other large game usually yield without a struggle if they sense the presence of an authority figure.

Want more information on the San Francisco Hunting Coat? Just roll over the Design Specs button.

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