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How does it fit?

Jaflannels are neither slim nor baggy. They fit comfortably and casually and are made to be worn untucked.

How is it sized?

Don't know your precise dimensions? Then choose your size like you were shopping for a regular T-shirt. For those who know their measurements, please consult our handy sizing guide.

How do I care for it?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Vital Statistics

  • Pair of front smock pockets + a chest patch pocket
  • Adjustable button collar
  • Flat-felled inseam for extra sturdiness
  • Made of 100% organic cotton flannel

Green Plaid Shirt-Jacket With Herringbone Contrast

Tokyo Style, Made in San Francisco

Long ago, samurai lumberjacks wandered the verdant forests of ancient Japan felling mighty Japanese maples with swift strokes of their katana swords. And their rich legacy lives on even today, every time a child marvels at the tall tales of Paul Bunyan-san, or when families sit down to a breakfast table laden with piping-hot stacks of wasabi flapjacks.

Betabrand has always wanted to honor these hearty woodsmen of yore with a garment befitting their legendary status. So when our Japanese fabric supplier sent us some fantastic flannel, we knew just what to do.

Introducing Jaflannels, our new, limited-edition line of plaid shirt-jackets. We’ve taken the traditional plaid flannel shirt and given it the official Tomo treatment.

Jaflannels: What samurai lumberjacks would have worn.

(As many of you know, Tomo Saito is the design whiz responsible for Japants, the popular Tokyo-style trousers we make in San Francisco.)

Lumberjacks might wear shirts that are rougher than pine bark, but Jaflannels are made from incredibly soft Japanese cotton flannel. Tomo also designed them with all sorts of interesting goodies, like a pair of extra-large smock pockets, adjustable collar, and herringbone contrast fabric. We think they’re quite simply the Kobe beef of flannels.

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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