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  • Gray Academic hoodie detail of zipped up hoodie
  • in school we wear academic hoodie in a gray black color pattern
  • herringbone academic hoodie made of cotton from san francisco
  • are you a smart person? then you better wear the academic hoodie with elbow patches and greatness.
  • textbook style. that's simple and beautiful right here
  • using a laptop while wearing the academic hoodie.
  • feeling academic with a cotton herringbone jacket

How does it fit?

The Academic Hoodie fits comfortably — not too tailored, not too baggy.

How do I care for it?

Just like a fancy-schmancy sport coat, this hoodie is dry clean only.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: wool/nylon blend.
  • Black leather elbow patches & drawcord toggles.
  • Rib-lined hood and rib cuffs.
Academic Hoodie Specs

Men's Gray Herringbone Tweed Hoodie With Striped Liner

The Academic Hoodie

Do you sometimes yearn to be more thoughtful and erudite — or at least appear so to others? For those occasions, we proudly present the Academic Hoodie.

Consider this the more contemplative cousin of our hard-charging Executive Hoodies. In place of pinstriped suit wool, we crafted the Academic Hoodie from a wonderful herringbone tweed and professorial-grade leather elbow patches.

Not surprisingly, it feels right at home around fragrant pipe smoke and a hot cup of Darjeeling tea.

But rest assured it can handle martinis and cigars — or a Pabst Tall Boy and a family-size bag of Fritos, for that matter — with equal aplomb.

The Academic Hoodie: manufactured using the Socratic Method of Sewing.

We made just a small batch of Academic Hoodies in our little San Francisco sew shop, so they won't stick around for long!

Questions? If there's anything else you want to know about this product, please contact us.

Better Than

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