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How do they fit?

Straight legged, relaxed fit. Not baggy. True to size.

What if my inseam is 30" or 34"?

We’re a small business, so we offer only a couple of lengths right now. Lucky for you, these pants look great with the cuff turned up — perfect if you’re in between sizes.

How do I care for them?

They’re prewashed. Wash in cold water, tumble dry on low heat.

Vital Statistics

  • Five-pocket design, including a handy coin pocket
  • Reflective blue check lining on the cuffs and in the pullout back pockets
  • A slightly more generous cut in the thighs for extra biker comfort

Blue Organic-Cotton Pants With Star-Spangled Waistband Liner

Bike to Work Pants for the Eco Road Warrior

We designed these pants especially for the legendary Eco Knievel, the world's first green daredevil. He wore them on May 21, during his spectacular flight in the most daring environmentally sustainable stunt ever conceived. ( See the video recap here .)

Who is Eco Knievel? Some say he was born in a Greenpeace zodiac as it chased a whaling ship through a typhoon. Others claim he was an orphan raised by a pack of stuntmen as one of their own. Whatever his origins, Eco now spends his time living the adrenaline-raising, sustainability-praising life of the world's foremost green stuntman.

And what better trousers to wear while honoring Eco's work than a pair of ultra-limited-edition Eco Knievel Bike to Work Pants!

These comfy organic-cotton trousers feature ankle cuffs and rear-pocket pullouts lined with Illuminite® and Scotchlite™ fabric, giving bike commuters the power of radical reflectivity on trips to and from the office.

In addition to purchasing a pair of Bike to Work Pants and becoming a gasoline-free commuter, what else can you do to help the environment? Eco Knievel has prepared a short list for your consideration:

  • Sell your coal-burning Jet Ski.
  • Save the whales, then take them to Vegas.
  • Make sure your upcoming arm-wrestling tournament is 100% certified organic.
  • On your next Base jump, carry a reusable cotton tote to collect harmful chlorofluorocarbons as you descend.
  • Buy the same bike that Eco rides in all his stunts: the Onya Cycles "E.T.," an awesome electro-cycle that burns rubber without burning gas.
  • Compost your foes.

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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