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Shiny Silver Disco Fabric

Our New DIY DiscoLab!

Every day, Betabrand receives requests for specialty Disco apparel, everything from sombreros to luge suits. Unfortunately, our production facilities are simply too small to make all the fantastic items that fans demand.

That's why we're now letting would-be inventors descend into our top-secret disconium mine and haul away as much of this magically shiny substance as they can carry.

We call it the Disco Open-Source (DOS) Project. For a very limited time, you can purchase two-yard swatches of pure, shimmering disconium and transform them into something spectacular — like that Disco Dog Coat, Parachute, or Lingerie you've been dreaming of.

Not only will we feature your creations on our site, we might even make some of them permanent members of the DiscoLab!


  • Each order includes two yards (approximately 72"x58") of shimmering, poly/spandex Disco fabric.
  • When you've completed your creation, share it with the world! Upload a photo to with our Model Citizen app .  

Questions? If there's anything else you want to know about this product, please contact us.

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