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  • The Disconium of the shiny silver Disco Hammock glistens over a lake.
  • Betabrand Disco Hammock in Moab Utah
  • Matt swings in go-go boots under black lights in the shiny Disco Hammock.
  • Bridget relaxes in the silvery, shiny Hammock by Betabrand and ENO.
  • Robbie inverts himself over a river in his Disco shiny hammock.
  • Matt relaxes in the shiny Disco Hammock next to his LED hula hoop.
  • The Disco shiny hammock hangs at Eagles Nest Outfitters in North Carolina.
  • Natalie laughs as the sun hits her silver shiny hammock: the Disco Hammock, by Betabrand
  • Matt's LED hula hoop shines light on the reflective Disco Hammock from Betabrand.
  • Caity and Julia relax above the water in the sleek silver Disco Hammock from Betabrand and ENO.
  • Matt relaxes in the shiny Disco Hammock next to his LED hula hoop.
  • The shiny, silver Disco Hammock hangs in an Oregon forest above the snow.
  • The shiny silver Disco hammock connects easily to trees, or other supports, with an adjustable strap system from ENO.
  • Matt raises his legs in go-go boots in the shiny Disco Hammock.
  • Matt hangs the shiny Disco Hammock in his San Francisco apartment
  • Disco Hammock in Moab Arches National Park
  • Robbie gets his face licked by a dog while upside-down in the Disco silver shiny hammock by Betabrand.
  • Ryan gets out of the Disco Hammock at night as it reflects.
  • Matt takes a nap in the dark in the comfort of his shiny disco hammock.
  • James rests in his shiny ENO hammock, the Disco Hammock by Betabrand.

Vital Statistics

  • Disco Hammock is based on ENO's DoubleNest Hammock.
  • Big enough for two and luxurious for one (400-pound capacity).
  • Dimensions: 9’4” x 6’2” (unfolded), 4” x 5” (folded).
  • Weighs 20 ounces.
  • Aluminum wiregate carabiners.
  • Heavy duty triple-stitched seams.
  • Quick-drying nylon.
  • Attached compression stuff sack.

Care Instructions

  • Hand-wash only.

Note: This hammock includes carabiners, but does not come with straps for hanging it on porches, trees, battleship decks, and more. If the hammock is successfully crowdfunded, we'll send you a link to purchase the straps at ENO's online store.

Shiny Silver Reflective Disco Hammock

Robert Murdoch explains how he connected with Eagles Nest Outfitters to create the world's first Disco Hammock:

I was first introduced to ENO hammocks while working for the Forest Service as a wildland firefighter. My hammock provided perfect refuge after long days on the fire line. I'd deploy it each night, swinging to sleep in cadence under the stars, waking rested, warm, and dry above the dewy ground.

Several years later, working for Betabrand, I began scheming the Disco Hammock, there was something enamoring to the thought of wrapping myself up like a hanging space worm, in complete juxtaposition to the natural surroundings of the woods.

Last year, I reached out to ENO as part of our inaugural Disco Open Source project. They were receptive and we collaborated to make an initial prototype from pure Disconium.

For the last year, I've had the hammock in tow on several camping adventures throughout the Northwest. Each time I hang it, the reception is the same: people want to get in it and ask where they can get one for themselves — once, a group of German tourists even offered to buy it from me.

Now the time has come to crowdfund this prototype into a product for all of humankind to enjoy. I think the Disco Hammock is the perfect addition to any gear-loving camper, not to mention the avid festival-goer.

disco hammock

Eagles Nest Outfitters & Robert Murdoch

Eagles Nest Outfitters, founded by brothers Peter and Paul Pinholster, began operations in the summer of 1999.

Growing steadily from a one-van, two-man operation to the leading provider of ingeniously crafted parachute hammocks and outdoor accessories, the company offers the highest quality relaxation products for adventure travelers and outdoors lovers everywhere.

The company’s products are sold in over 1,500 specialty outdoor and sporting goods retail stores worldwide and online at

Designed by Robert Murdoch

Robert was born at sea, but was adopted by a pack of elephants soon after.

They led him to Ohio where he spent most of his formational years, until relocating to the Bay Area four years ago.

He enjoys a good piece of fruit, filmmaking, and wandering in the wilderness with his dogs.

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