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How does it fit?

The Disco Bowling Shirt fits like a classic bowling shirt — not fitted, but not too boxy.

How do I care for it?

Hand-wash and air dry.

Vital Statistics:

  • Fabric: 100% disconium (92% polyster, 8% spandex).
  • Moisture-wicking contrast fabric.
  • Nacho-friendly chest pocket.
  • Antique silver buttons.
  • Design sanctioned by the Great Lakes Bowling Alliance.
men's disco bowling shirt spec graphic

Silver & Black Shiny Disco Bowling Shirt

In early 2012, we introduced a limited-edition Disco Bowling Shirt that paid homage to one of the most legendary bowlers no one's ever heard of. Now, we're ready to bring it back.

In the grand pantheon of bowling legends, one name towers above the rest. A name so profoundly sacred, merely whispering it in a bowling alley makes pitchers of beer froth uncontrollably, ball returns run in reverse, and snack-bar cashiers weep nacho-cheese tears.

That name is Donnie Burbles, the greatest bowler ever to grace the sacred lanes of northern Ohio.

Some say Burbles controlled his ball telepathically. Others swear that when he bowled, the crashing pins sounded like a chorus of angels. Once, he actually bowled better than a perfect game: In the final frame of the 1977 Cleveland Invitational, his thunderous delivery split the head pin neatly in two, resulting in a score of 301.

At the behest of the Great Lakes Bowling Alliance, we created a faithful reproduction of Burbles' super-shiny signature bowling shirt. (The original lies in a climate-controlled shrine deep beneath the Bowling Hall of Fame.)

Of course, we couldn't help but add a few nifty upgrades to the classic bowling shirt design. Like pure, cornea-searing disconium, the shiniest substance in the known universe. And wonderful wicking contrast fabric that keeps you cool and dry under the toughest tournament conditions.

We think Donnie would have approved.


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