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How does it fit?

The Cherry Harvester Shirt is neither slim nor baggy. It fits comfortably and casually and is made to be worn untucked.

How is it sized?

If you don’t know your precise dimensions, choose whatever size you’d wear in a T-shirt. For those who know their measurements, please take a look at our handy sizing guide.

How do I care for it?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Vital Statistics

  • Elbow patches
  • Gunstock shoulder patch
  • Antique brass buttons

Three-toned Cherry Red Organic Cotton Shirt

The Cherry Harvester Shirt: Fresh from the Orchard

California’s cherry season is underway, and this year’s crop includes a brand-new variety: the Cherry Harvester Shirt, lovingly picked by robots in our blossom-speckled Silicon Valley orchard. It’s the finest fruit of our labor to date! (As ripe and tasty as they look, please remember that these shirts are to be worn, not eaten.)

We began by designing a classic button-down work shirt made of 100% organic cotton — soft enough to swaddle an infant, hearty enough for a craggy-necked farmer and his daily regimen of hay baling and bear fighting.

Then we added all sorts of subtle goodies, like antique brass buttons, elbow patches, and a gunstock shoulder patch. (No firearm? No problem. The shoulder patch also

accommodates laptop bags and BabyBjörns.) The result: one sweet shirt for town or country.

Unfortunately, our plans to create matching maras-chino pants failed to materialize. But don’t

We’ll be releasing Harvester products throughout the year, in accordance with California’s harvest calendar.

worry: The Cherry Harvester Shirt goes great with a pair of our Fava or Blueberry Craftsman Pants .

Cherry season will be over soon, so order your Cherry Harvester Shirt today. Don’t bother with your local farmers market; they’re available only on our site.

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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