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Cheezburger Cat Shirt-and-Pajamas Collection

There are many injustices in this world, perhaps none more egregious than the fact that cat-themed clothes exist for humans, yet it's next to impossible to find a human-inspired garments for cats.

Fortunately, we've partnered with the good folks at Cheezburger to create the Clothes For Cats Collection. We'll let Happy Cat take it away:

Human Onesie/Pajamas
Cat-styled onesies are all the rage for everyone from infants to octogenarians, all of whom can attest to the unbridled happiness that dressing like a different species can provide. With the Human Onesie, your beloved cat can now experience the same level of bliss!

Human Shirt
When your cat wears a Human Shirt, all other cats will wonder if he actually loves people, or if he’s just making an ironic fashion statement. Or is it, in fact, a post-ironic statement on the human condition?

Human-Patterned Crop Top and Muscle Tee You think your cat is just chasing that string for entertainment? A little known fact: Cats are the most body-conscious creatures on the planet. These Crop Tops and Muscle Tees allow them to show off their perfectly sculpted figures at last.

Cheezburger Cat Shirt-and-Pajamas Collection

Happy Cat

Happy Cat is a British shorthair who made his fame on I Can Has Cheezburger in 2007. Since then, Happy Cat has written five books; two of them made it to the NY Times bestseller list.

He is one of the original LOLcats and has helped pave the way for cats to rule the Internet. Since Happy Cat has succeeded in everything else, he wanted to use his talent for fashion and help all cats in the world look as fantastic as he does.

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