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How does it fit?

This garment is made to be super comfy — not too tailored, not too baggy.

How is it sized?

Choose your size like you're ordering a regular ol' T-shirt.

How do I care for it?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: linen with cotton liner.
  • Twin kangaroo pockets.
  • Made in San Francisco.
Blue Striped Linen Hoodie

Striped Linen Hoodie With Navy Liner

The Impossibly Relaxing Hoodie

Presenting our latest fusion of fashion and science: an ultra-comfy linen hoodie engineered with unparalleled powers of relaxation. How relaxing? Why, it can mellow the most bloodthirsty Viking in seconds — guaranteed! (We invite you to prove us wrong.)

Contrary to rumor, we didn’t retro-engineer technology found in a wrecked flying saucer from the planet Xanax. Nor did we manage to cross-breed grow a new strain of flax infused with cannabis Dna.

The simple truth is that we started with the softest, lightest linen around. Then we employed a team of master Yogic seamstresses to weave a sense of cosmic peacefulness into every hoodie, while humpback whale song and soft saxophone solos played continuously in the background.

Finally, each garment was treated to a deep tissue massage, followed by a soothing bath in our proprietary blend of sloth sweat, opium, and chamomile tea.

Each garment was treated to a soothing bath in our proprietary blend of sloth sweat, opium, and chamomile tea.

Now that's one chilled-out hoodie. (Roll over the Design Specs button for more product details.) We made just a limited number, so order yours today.


Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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