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How does it fit?

It fits comfortably — loose enough to move around in, but not baggy. Select your size like you're shopping for a regular T-shirt. If you're between sizes, choose the smaller one.

How do I care for it?

Not prewashed. Machine wash cold, line dry.

Vital Statistics

The Darpa hoodie is made from an organic cotton-hemp knit.

Blue Cotton-Hemp Hoodie With Gray Liner and Stitching

Science and Fashion, Now Fused

Betabrand is proud to offer you the opportunity to own a piece of Darpa-class technology in hoodie form. For those unfamiliar with Darpa, it stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — the government entity that created the Internet, stealth fighters, and robots galore.

What makes our state-of-the-art hoodie stand out from the common hooded coat? Lots of science: Thanks to an ingenious algorithm cooked up by a duo of Darpa grantees, our friends Jonathan Bachrach and Saul Griffith from Otherlab, we puzzled together sections of cotton-hemp fabric to form a unique, 12-part design. The result: optimal fit using minimal material.

How this singular fusion of science and fashion came to be:

Over the last few years, Jonathan and Saul developed software that converts 3D objects into

2D patterns — just the thing for some mysterious, top-secret government project. Or, you know, hoodies.

Darpa encouraged Jonathan and Saul to find nifty, non-military applications for their software, and we’re honored that they chose to test their technology on us.

Please note that Betabrand constructed these hoodies strictly for peaceful purposes. For now.

To watch a declassified, behind-the-scenes video revealing the Darpa hoodie production process, click here .

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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