Betabrand Presents: Return of Japants


New, rapidly disappearing Tokyo-style trousers, plus a Q&A with Eco Knievel.



In February 2011, we began working with friend and designer Tomo Saito on a new line of pants, the first product of an ongoing collaboration between Betabrand and Japanese designers. The big idea: Take the convention of Western designs manufactured in Asia — and turn it on its head.


We took high-end Japanese fabrics and Tomo’s ingenious designs and turned them into trousers made in San Francisco. The result was Japants: hip Tokyo cargoes with an American fit.



Our first batch of Japants sold out in only two days! So for our second go-around, we made quite a few more — 300, to be precise — this time in two new styles: gray with a tangerine liner and olive with a squash liner.


We thought 300 pairs of Japants would be more than enough to quench everyone's trouser thirst. But less than a day after we announced their arrival on Facebook and through our Japants e-mail alert, frenzied fans have gobbled up a staggering one-third of our inventory.




The wonderful herringbone cotton twill we use to craft our Japants make them pricier than the average pair of Betabrand trousers, but folks seem to agree with us that the cut and quality are worth every cent.


You can still be the first on your block to own an authentic pair of these American-made Tokyo trousers. But you better hurry!




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Getting to Know Eco Knievel


Betabrand's environmental doubleheader is right around the corner. Tomorrow (May 19), environmental champion Eco Knievel will help host a Commonwealth Club roundtable on injecting testosterone into the environmental movement. And on Saturday, May 21, he'll perform a death-defying stunt involving an electric bike, a ramp, and mass quantities of tofu at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Yes, we're teaming up with San Francisco's Onya Cycles to perform the world's first 100% sustainable stunt — which also happens to be 1,000% badass.



Before history is made, we thought our fans would like to know a little more about the enigmatic daredevil who'll be the star of the show.


Betabrand: Where did you come from?


EK: As a days-old infant, I was snatched from my mother's bosom by a wolverine, only to be snatched from the wolverine's vice-like jaws by a bald eagle, which soared high into the heavens before dropping me into the strong but caring embrace of a sky-diving kite-boarder. That's how I conquered my fear of heights.


Betabrand: Tell us about Saturday's stunt.


EK: Well brother, it's going to be like getting your colon irrigated with the entire Amazon river, or making love to a tornado, or BASE-jumping Everest while wrestling the Yeti. In short, it's going to be the meanest, greenest stunt the world has ever seen.


Betabrand: Is there anything else people should know about you?


EK: I've got Chuck Yeager's courage, John Muir's love of nature, and Genghis Khan's merciful disposition.


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