New Disco Shorts for party sports. Plus, a BetaLabs Accelerated-Development Initiative, more South Pacific video adventure, and a very real job offer.


Betabrand knows that not all sports take themselves super-seriously. And not all athletes are steel-muscled mutants who require extreme performance clothing made from space-age polymers, the kind designed to repel a wolverine attack in a sub-zero hurricane.

That’s why we instructed our engineers to take the nuclear-powered pizzazz of our famous Disco Pants and inject it into a pair of sport shorts. The result: futuristic apparel that meets the rigorous fashion requirements of fun-loving sports teams and off-kilter athletes everywhere!


disco video


Disco Sport Shorts are tailor-made for club sports, fun runs, or any athletic endeavor that involves drinking before, during, and/or immediately afterward. Made from the same rare disco-ball ore that goes into our Disco pants and jackets, these shiny drawstring shorts feature a comfy elastic waistband and three breathable mesh pockets, plus a semi-intimidating black knit stripe on each leg — warning fellow competitors that you might possibly mean business.



Are Disco Sport Shorts the right shorts for you? If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then yes they are!

  • Does the name of your softball team involve a high level of sexual innuendo?
  • Are the end zones of your flag-football field marked by beer bottles and articles of clothing?
  • Are your Ultimate games often interrupted by wandering children, dogs, or hobos?
  • Do your soccer matches include the risk of pantsing, mooning, and hanging brain?
  • Is your kickball team T-shirt highly inappropriate for family gatherings?
  • Have you ever forgotten your disc golf score due to six-pack amnesia?
  • Have you run a dozen Bay to Breakers races but never finished?
  • Do elderly passersby wonder aloud what the hell it is you and your fellow hashers are doing?


Disco Sport Shorts are available now in the Betabrand online store, along with our other awesome Disco fashion. We also offer team discounts, so please let us know if you’re interested in multiple orders.




Announcing Project Caperon!


Eureka and huzzah! Approximately 24 hours ago, a magical idea exploded from the swirling ether of invention at Betabrand headquarters.

The cape. The apron. Combine the two and you have the Caperon — a dashing, manly outfit to clothe our nation’s BBQing heroes!

We're rushing this product to market and will do our very, very best to have it ready in time for Memorial Day grilling action. Most of our ideas take six weeks to come to life, but the Caperon will be born in a mere three. We think the BBQers of America deserve it. We also thought it would be cool to let our fans experience — and participate in — the thrilling process of product creation.




What do you think the Caperon should look like? Inject your ideas directly into the Betabrand Supercomputer by clicking here and then entering your e-mail address and your design suggestions. You’ll also be signed up for a Caperon Product Alert, so you can stay on top of the latest product developments.

By this Friday (May 13), we’ll have the first Caperon prototype ready for viewing!




Island Quest 2011: A South Pacific Video Adventure (Part 4)


Watch as Betabrand's intrepid ocean explorer and his fellow crew members aboard the Sea Dragon find a curious new use for our USA Pants.





Engineer Wanted!

If you've read this far, you're probably a fan of Betabrand. And if you're a member of the tech-and-design subset of Betabrand fans, we have a favor to ask:

Please help us find a fantastic front-end designer/programmer! For to keep up with our torrid pace of product innovation, we need a third set of able hands on our engineering team, pronto.

Do you have the talent we're looking for? What about one of your many friends? Click here to read the job posting.

As a bonus, the lucky lady or gentleman who lands this position will be called upon to star in a mildly humiliating Betabrand photo shoot once a month or so (see below). This and other curious tasks are part of a workplace espirit de corps rivaled only by the likes of the Stanford Marching Band and Seal Team 6.

Interested? Let us know!


foil pants






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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.