Betabrand Presents: The DARPA Hoodie

A High-Tech Hoodie, Model Citizen Finalists, and a DC Party Report.

This week, Betabrand is proud to offer you the opportunity to own a piece of DARPA-class technology in hoodie form. For those unfamiliar with DARPA, it stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — the government agency responsible for creating the Internet, Stealth fighter, and robots galore. For those unfamiliar with hoodies, take a look:

You’ll note some special differences between our DARPA hoodie and the common hooded coat. Most notably, the seams run in unique directions, thanks to an ingenious algorithm cooked up by our friends Jonathan Bachrach and Saul Griffith at Otherlab.

So how did this singular fusion of science and fashion come to be?

Over the past couple of years, the duo of DARPA grantees developed software that magically converts 3D objects into 2D patterns. The resulting pieces can be puzzled into a Betabrand hoodie or — fingers crossed! — America’s very own MechaGodzilla.

According to Griffith, “DARPA’s goal was ‘Programmable Matter’ — real world Terminator 2s. To do so, we had to delve into the very relationship between two and three dimensions, and the deep connection between information and structure. Thus, we can, for the first time, offer the Optimal Hoodie.”

Otherlab’s software starts with the human torso and works outwards, giving the coats a natural, sculpted feel. Or as Griffith puts it, “It’s not just a good fit, it’s optimal. The math told us so.”

DARPA encouraged Jonathan and Saul to find nifty, non-military applications for their software. We’re honored that they chose to test their technology on us. (Betabrand constructed these hoodies strictly for peaceful purposes. For now…)

Science buffs: We think you’ll enjoy a declassified, behind-the-scenes video and interview we’ve posted on the hoodie’s product page.

And fashion buffs will be fascinated by this 12-part anorak’s state-of-the-art zippers, vents, and contrast stitching. At long last, you can own a coat that looks like the love child of Spiderman and a stealth fighter. It’s yours today for $110 in the Betabrand store.

Suggested uses: zippin’ around town, representin’, defendin’ America.



USA Pants and the Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive. JOIN US!

Fans of USA Pants and political satire will be glad to know that Stephen Colbert is a Betabrand customer just like you. Since he’s supported our business, we’re going to support his DC rally this October 30th.

The Betabrand crew will be headed out to our nation’s captial that weekend to throw a happy hour on either Friday or Saturday (or both!). If you happen to know a fine pub to meet up and toast to pants and politics, let us know on the Betabrand Facebook fan page.

If you plan on attending, do wear a pair of our incredible USA pants.



Now you can vote on your favorite pics from last week’s contest. Today’s winner gets a DARPA hoodie and the honor or representing Betabrand in an ad placed on Yes, that’s $110 in prizes and eternal glory.

First, take a look at this contender’s personal product page on our site. As you can see, our Model Citizen application allows you to be the star of any Betabrand product no matter how good, bad, or ridiculous your photo may be.

Now, proceed to the Betabrand Facebook fanpage and let us know your favorite. Next week’s prizes will simply blow your mind, so grab a camera and start snapping yourself in Betabrand action.



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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.