Employee Spotlight: Morgan Brown

Have you ever wondered what a pattern-making technician does? We did too. 


Betabrand: Hey there, Morgan. How’s it going?

Morgan: I’m listening to RISK! podcast. Trying desperately to keep my eyes open.

Betabrand: Same. Minus the heady podcast, and plus eyes having given up. So, lay it on us. What’s a typical day for you, at Betabrand’s office?

Morgan: I build the patterns for the clothing we produce here at Betabrand.  For those folks that remember their parents or themselves working with Simplicity or Butternick patterns bought at the fabric store, printed on tissue paper and packaged in those paper envelopes – that’s what I do. I am a part of the team here that creates the shapes that get cut up and sewn into the garments you’re wearing today.

IMG_2790 (1)

Betabrand: Awesome, how did you get inspired to build patterns? Do you have fond memories of your parents with the Simplicity or Butternick patterns?

Morgan: When my younger sister was in preschool and I was in first grade we moved across the country. Her classroom at the time had this stuffed parrot that kids would take home for the weekend – like a class pet you couldn’t kill. She was way sad about leaving for California and so I made her a copy of the bird, cut all the shapes out and sewed it up by hand. My mother loved that part of me I guess, and so I got books about sewing and then a sewing machine and so much encouragement to make and make.

Betabrand: Pattern-making seems like a pretty manual process. Do you have any friendly robots helping you out, or any help at all?

Morgan: We work with CAD based software and have an epic printer that spits out patterns when we need ’em. We’ve got a sample sewing room in-house, where we test run all our patterns and create prototypes for photo and fitting.

Betabrand: Cool. What’s your favorite Betabrand product?

Morgan: Hmm, I’ll get back to you on my favorite product. But, my husband is a mega-fan of the Ready Jeans  – stretchy with a gusset! Anyone who comments on his pants, he’ll show off with a high-kick or really deep squat. It’s always a joy, so I am pretty into that.


As for me, my favorite thing in my closet would be my Travel Dress Suit that I got an early edition of. I really like the different outfits you can wear, and it makes flying super easy. 


Betabrand: What do you predict will be in store for Betabrand’s future as a Crowdfunding Fashion Company?

Morgan: At the end of the day I think it’s up to collaborator engagement. Our collaborators and Think Tank have a huge influence on our design direction. Our mantra of “New Ideas, Non Stop” and how often we work with outside designers allows us to explore a ton of different ideas in tandem. We are able to rapidly react to comments/suggestions, throw a finished product back up on the web and continue to learn from our collaborators. That being said, I think we’ll see a lot more out of the travel line and transitional clothing for an active lifestyle.

Betabrand: Last question: who are you listening to right now?

Morgan: Amy Goodman on Democracy Now.

Betabrand: Great. Thanks, Morgan!