New, Astounding Flashback Scarves

New Flashback Scarves + Crowdfunding Faves Ready To Ship!

Astounding Flashback Scarves,
Crowdfunding Hits Ready To Ship,
 New FlipSlips & Other Points Of Interest

Lots of crowdfunding projects to tell you about! Scroll down to see our collaborators’ latest creations, including brilliant new Flashback Scarves.

While you’re scrolling, check out some popular crowdfunded products that are now in stock — and eagerly awaiting a new home in your closet. Behold:
All-American Supersucker Blazer
Gay Jeans
Ride to Work Hoodie
Poo-Emoji Shirt

Flashback Crazy-Pill / Geo-Warp Scarves:
Our Next Crowdfunding Sensations?

Our Flashback Collection (including this hoodie) was originally designed for thermonuclear photobombing, thanks to fabric covered by gazillions of hyper-reflective glass nanospheres that are fueled by camera flashes.

But why not take that technology and give it a lighter touch? Steven B. Wheeler did just that with his brand-new Flashback Crazy-Pill and Geo-Warp Scarves.
Flashback Crazy-Pill Scarf

Both are designed to light up your night, supernova-style, with reflective screen prints that shroud you in brilliant constellations of pills, tablets, and capsules andglowing, hypnotic geometry.

Help Steven’s Flashback Scarves reach their crowdfunding goals and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
Flashback Geo-Warp Scarf

New FlipSlips

Esther Flatto’s neoprene cycling flats were such a crowdfunding success last year, we’re now making them in teal and red, along with original black.

Eminently foldable FlipSlips feature sheepskin-lined memory foam insoles for extra comfort, plus reflective detailing for added safety at night. Pre-order now, save 10%.
New Red & Teal FlipSlips

More Prototypes You Can Bring To Life

Some of these crowdfunding projects have already zoomed past their funding goals; others need a little help. The sooner you fund, the more you’ll save.
Flashback Photon Boots
Flashback Photon Boots: Your nightlife just got a whole lot brighter. More to the point, your feet just got 10,000% flashier: We’ve teamed up with Vivobarefoot to create brilliant, ridiculously comfy footwear for menand women.
Bosky Wood-Frame Sunglasses
Bosky Wooden Sunglasses: Our first-ever sunglasses feature layered-maple frames and precision-engineered polarized lenses. Surprisingly durable, shockingly comfortable. Available inFull-Spectrum (pictured) and Red Wood & Blue.
Viceversa Skirt/Cape: Four Looks In One!
Viceversa Skirt/Cape: Four looks in one! From Ecuadorian designer Lia Larrea comes a skirt that transforms into a cape … and then into another cape, and then into another skirt. (Apologies if this is an unreasonable number of wardrobe options.)
Après Hoodie
Après Hoodie: You may smell like a wretched beast after working out, but you most certainly don’t need to look like one. Scott Surface, he of the popular Après Sweatpants, has designed this sleek, handsome hoodie for all your post-activity activities.
Storris Pack
Storrist Pack: Named for the Old Man of Storr, a rugged peak in designer Sandy Carson’s native Scotland, this tough, weather-resistant backpack features clever pockets, a removable central compartment, and a laptop side door, and that’s just for starters.
Monster Leggings
Monster Leggings: Are these your next demonic possession? Monster Dress creator Anoush Froundjian is back with a brand-new gaggle of lovingly illustrated ghouls. Slip on her Monster Leggings and make every day a living nightmare.

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