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Bosky Wooden Sunglasses,
Après Hoodie,
Viceversa Skirt/Cape,Ma’avar Jacket, And, Incredibly, Even More New Stuff

We’ve got a ton of new crowdfundable prototypes to tell you about, so let’s dive right in with these unisex USA and Full-Spectrum wood-frame sunglasses, part of our new collaboration with the folks at Bosky Optics.

Surprisingly durable, shockingly comfortable, and, we think it goes without saying, pretty damn stylish. Like a skateboard, each pair is crafted from multiple layers of wood (sustainably harvested maple, in this case) for improved strength and less chance of cracking and splitting.

Every pair of our Bosky Sunglasses will come with a hinge screwdriver for getting that perfect snug fit, a lens-cleaning cloth designed by Bosky team artist Junichi Tsuneoka, and a handsome wooden carrying case. Also: a one-year warranty and lifetime part replacement.
Bosky USA Sunglasses

Reserve your USA or Full-Spectrum Bosky Sunglasses today and save up to 30%, plus get free domestic shipping.
Bosky Sunglasses, As Worn By Ents

Après Hoodie

Designer Scott Surface, he of the popular Après Sweatpants, has come up with asleek, handsome hoodie likewise designed for all your post-activity activities.
Après Hoodie

You may smell like a wretched beast after working out, but you most certainly don’t need to look like one. Brush off the dirt and douse yourself with Eau de Febreze; theAprès Hoodie will take care of the rest.
Après Hoodie

Just some of what we like about Scott’s creation:

Buttery-soft cotton weave with subtle stretchiness.
Sewn-in low-profile hood brim.
 Roomy front pockets.
 Jacket styling with hoodie comfort.
Après Hoodie

Help turn this Après Hoodie prototype into a full-fledged product and save up to 30%, plus get free domestic shipping.
Après Hoodie

Viceversa Skirt/Cape: 4 Looks In 1

From our very first Ecuadorian designer comes a skirt that transforms into a cape … and then into another cape, and then into another skirt!

We sincerely apologize if Lia Larrea’s beautiful, versatile Viceversa presents an unreasonable number of wardrobe options. If, however, you find her new prototype as stylish and intriguing as we do, we suggest funding it now. You’ll save up to 30% and get free U.S. shipping.

(If you hadn’t guessed already, the same holds true for all our many crowdfunding projects.)
Viceversa Skirt: Four Looks In One!

Ma’avar Jacket

From Ecuador, we head to Tel Aviv, Israel, home base for Noam Blumenthal and her lightweight Ma’avar Jacket. Ma’avar means “transition” or “passage” in Hebrew, a reference to the theme of spacial transition that inspired Noam’s design.

The earlier you fund this project, the more you’ll save! Visit Noam’s crowdfunding page for more Ma’avar info and photos, plus the opportunity to leave feedback.
Ma'avar Jacket

Act Globally, Think (Tank) Locally

International fashion intrigue continues with two new Think Tank submissions: theRainy Days Skirt and Rainy Days Parka from Barcelona-based designer Marie Simcikova.

Should we crowdfund her designs? Vote now!
Rainy Days Parka

More Crowdfundable Creations

Storris Pack
Storrist Pack: Named for the Old Man of Storr, a rugged peak in designer Sandy Carson’s native Scotland, this tough, weather-resistant backpack features clever pockets, a removable central compartment, and a laptop side door, and that’s just for starters.
Men's Shroom Shirt
Shroom Shirt: From illustrator/painter/toymaker Gretchen Lewis comes a lightweight cotton button-up festooned with friendly fungi. (Perfect for long trips, perhaps?) By the time you read this, her Shroom Shirt project will be fully funded!
Men's Paisley Steak Shirt
Paisley Steak Shirt: And in the carnivore corner, we have Dylan Gessner’s new shirt, pairing meat and mouthwatering paisley. Made from 100% free-range cotton, this garment can be machine-washed or gently marinaded by hand.
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