Steaks Versus Shrooms

New Shirts Create Omnivore’s Dilemma?

The Omnivore’s Dilemma:
Paisley Steak Or Shroom Shirt?

Also: Dresses, Contests, In-Store Sales & More.

New Paisley Steak & Shroom Shirts
Today, at the risk of inflaming carnivore/vegetarian tensions, we’re unveiling a pair of shirts that pit steak against shroom in what’s sure to become an epic crowdfunding conflagration.

Which shirt will reach its funding goal first? Make no mistake: This is nothing less than a global referendum on the virtues of flesh versus fungi. Time to choose a side!

First up is the Paisley Steak Shirt, from self-proclaimed “semi-pro egg poacher” Dylan Gessner:

Meat and mouthwatering paisley, together at last!
Made from 100% free-range cotton.
Pairs beautifully with Chef Chris Cosentino’s Butcher Briefs.
Can be machine-washed or gently marinaded by hand.
Paisley Steak Shirt

Next, we present the Shroom Shirt, from illustrator/painter/toymaker Gretchen Lewis:

Festooned with friendly fungi.
Made from 100% lightweight cotton.
Chest pocket features Enoki-Guard® technology.
Perfect for long trips?
Shroom Shirt

No matter which shirt you choose, you’ll save up to 30% and get free shipping. (Same goes for all our crowdfunding projects.) And, of course, you’ll be raising awareness of your preferred foodstuff.

Speaking of, committed carnivores and herbivores alike are encouraged to talk smack in the comment section of each product page.
Shroom Shirt

More Fun With Prints

Our design collaborators love creating dresses with unusual and inspired prints. Here’s just a sample, from brand-new crowdfunding projects to fan-favorite products that are ready ship today.

(You can check out our full collection of dresses here.)
Lake-Print Perfect Dress
Lake-Print Dress: At last, satellite images you can wear! We’ve teamed up with the satellite savants at Planet Labs to bring you this dress, along with a matching Lake-Print Scarf and men’sIce-Print Jacket.
Pet Lover's Perfect Dress
Pet Lover’s Dress: Just a pretty polka-dotted dress? Look closer. (Apologies to crazy cat ladies who may find Allison Cesaro’s expression of feline affection too subtle; a hair-strewn sweatshirt with bedazzled cat appliqués this is not.)
Mermaid-Paisley Perfect Dress
Mermaid-Paisley Dress: Introducing a vibrant new version of our popular Perfect Dress design, from Alisa Schulhof. The bandana-style print features myriad mermaids swirling through a sea of paisley.
Haeckeloha Dress
Haeckeloha Dress: Like our original men’s Hawaiian-style Haeckeloha Shirt, Catie Magee’s creation is awash in colorful, cavorting wee beasties, based on illustrations from Ernst Haeckel’s book “Kunstformen der Natur.”
Brain-Scan Dress
Brain-Scan Dress: Beauty and brains! Dhanya Gutta’s dress features a print made from actual MRIs. The result: quite possibly our most cerebral garment ever.
Poo-Emoji Dress
Poo-Emoji Dress: After the runaway success of our men’s poo-print shirt and shoes, ladies clamored for poo-emoji apparel of their own. Now behold a new women’s fashion movement!

You’re The Door: A New Model Citizen Contest

Want to appear as a titanic version of yourself on our mighty garage door?

Just upload a photo of you wearing, holding, or otherwise interacting with something from Betabrand, and you’ll automatically be entered in our contest; you’ll also get a promo code good for 20% off your next order. (Be sure to click the button under “Existing Customer?”)

Submissions will be accepted though Friday, May 8; winners will be chosen according to Facebook likes and the fickle opinions of Betabrand staff. Enter now!

New In The Think Tank

A monstrously monumental T-shirt contest headlines our Think Tank this week, along with all sorts of other design ideas from collaborators around the globe. Click the images below and see the very latest.

(Note: Deadline for contest submissions has been extended to May 21!)

Bike To Work Sale: In-Store Only

We’re celebrating our store’s two-year anniversary with great sales and fun events all next month.

May 3-9: Swing by 780 Valencia and get 20% off all in-stock Bike to Workwear for men and women (just in time for Bike to Work Day).

May 10-31: Stay tuned!
In-Store Bike to Work Sale, May 3-9
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