Shocking Drone Footage

See The Video That’s Scaring Supermodels Senseless!

Drones Drive Models To Extinction?
Employees Experience Oprah Moments?
A New Crowdfunding Clearinghouse?

YES! Also: recent releases, monster-design challenge.

SOME DRONES NEED RUNWAYS: While the machines haven’t begun enslaving humanity just quite yet, we have noticed some unusual drone activity across the street from Betabrand HQ. Seems they’re trying their hand (figuratively, for the moment) at modeling. And they’re pretty good at it.

Are runway supermodels headed for the endangered-species list? Could this foreshadow an all-out, Skynet-style uprising? Or are our little whirling dervishes merely warming up for next month’s Silicon Valley Fashion Week?

Watch this shocking footage and decide for yourself. (Then get your SVFW tix here.)

Shocking Drone Footage!
MORE UNEXPECTED FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Sure, you could reward employees with a gift of exotic pets, but what about instead using company credit-card miles to send them on spontaneous overseas adventures?

We call it the Betabrand FlyAway Program, and the results have ranged from the hilarious (with about 12 hours’ notice, Seamus and Victoria flew to Iceland and spent a frigid night barhopping in Reykjavík) to the heartwarming (Tara got to go to Ireland and see where her grandmother grew up).

Get the complete story on our blog, including a playbook for starting your own FlyAway program. And now, here’s our most recent Oprah Moment™, in which Delta discovers she’s going to Paris.

Delta discovers she's going to Paris!
LATEST CROWDFUNDING GNUS: We recently started a side project calledGnusfeed, a nonstop feed of the Web’s newest and most exciting crowdfunding projects. (After all, crowdfunding is a pretty big part of what we do.) You can search for projects you’re interested in, then stay up to date on your favorites. Sign up and give it a spin!
Should this seconds-long signup process sound too laborious right now, we’ve thoughtfully prepared a brief roundup of Betabrand’s latest crowdfunding projects:
Khmermaid Dress
Khmermaid Dress: A trip to Cambodia inspired designer and fashion blogger Laura Moussa to create this soft, ultralight sateen dress. Laura chose bold colors and a graceful wrap-hem design as an homage to the traditional Asian sampot.
Lake-Print Perfect Dress
Planet Labs Collection: At last, satellite images you can wear! We’ve teamed up with the satellite savants at Planet Labs to bring you the Lake-Print Perfect Dress (pictured), the men’s Ice-Print Jacket, and a unisex Lake-Print Scarf.
Nuclear-Fishion Button-Up Shirt
Nuclear-Fishion Shirt: Our new button-up is swimming with an ocean’s worth of wonderfully mutated sea creatures, courtesy of illustrator Jon Adams. Octowalruses, electric manatees, and squidolphins, to name but a few.
READY Warm-Up Joggers
READY Warm-Up Joggers: Theseain’t your granddaddy’s jogging pants, unless your granddaddy comes from the future. Steven B. Wheeler’s joggers feature space-age performance fleece, with anatomically designed seams throughout for an optimal athletic fit.
King-Smut Pornoglyphic Shirt
King-Smut Pornoglyphic Shirt: Also from Jon, an homage to King Smutankhamun, the infamous phornicating pharaoh, featuring a delightful assortment of hot n’ heavy hieroglyphs. Safe for work? Yes, from a distance.
Mermaid-Paisley Perfect Dress
Mermaid-Paisley Perfect Dress: No mutations here, just a vibrant new version of our popular Perfect Dress design, from Alisa Schulhof. The bandana-style print features myriad mermaids swirling through a sea of paisley.

New In The Think Tank

A monstrously monumental T-shirt contest headlines our Think Tank this week, along with all sorts of other design ideas from collaborators around the globe.

Remember: The most popular Think Tank designs become crowdfunding projects!

New in the Think Tank

I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.