A Message From The Future!

New: Saito Shorts, Saito Blazer, Japants, One For Onesie.

A Message From The Future!

Time-Traveling Tomo Saito Tells You What’s Hot

New Saito Shorts, Saito Blazer & Japants

In his ongoing quest to predict the hottest new trends in menswear, designer Tomo Saito recently built a time machine to literally glimpse the future of fashion — May 2015, to be precise.

And what a wondrous future it is, according to Tomo. Accordingly, he’s designed his brand-new Olive Saito Shorts, Navy Saito Shorts, Khaki Saito Blazer, and Olive Japants to be at the absolute apex of fashion approximately three weeks from now. So order now with confidence!
New Olive Japants

Unfortunately, that’s not all he has to report. By next month:
  • Gravy has become the new U.S. currency.
  • All legal grievances are settled by hog wrestling and competitive eating.
  • Zit-popping has replaced baseball as the national pastime.
  • All middle-aged men are required to rap no less than five hours per day.
  • Wacky cat videos have been outlawed.
New Navy Saito Shorts

Should you find this news from the future unsettling, take comfort: At least you can face the dystopian nightmare in one of Tomo’s new creations, each made from exquisite fabric and featuring signature design details.

Small comfort when considering the horrors of our brave new world. But still.
Olive Saito Shorts

We made just a limited batch of each, so order yours today. Japants ship now,shorts and blazers shortly thereafter. (Products on pre-order include a special 10% discount.)
Khaki Saito Blazer

Feels Good To Be A Lazy American

Yes, you’ll feel good — nay, great — every time you slip on a star-spangled One For Onesie, and not just because it’s made from super-comfy fleece.

For every One for Onesie sold, designer KK Cressman will donate a baby onesie to Tents To Shanti, an organization that helps underprivileged children in Haiti.
One For Onesie

America is all about winning, and helping the One For Onesie reach its crowdfunding goal is a win-win, so you do the math! (Never mind where the U.S. ranks in math.)

Rest assured, no other adult unisex onesie is so lovingly steeped in the sweet ambrosia of freedom. Add to that the fact that each purchase helps a kid in need and suddenly, being a couch-bound, snack-stuffed layabout is nothing less than a noble endeavor.
One For Onesie

Fund KK’s One For Onesie project today and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
One For Onesie

What Else Have We Been Up To?

Glad you asked. Here’s just a wee sample:
New Après Sweatpants
Après Sweatpants: supple, stylish pants for all your post-activity activities; think of ’em as the casual cousins ofDress Pant Sweatpants. They’re now available in navy stripe and royal blue, along with original gray.
Whole-In-One Shirt
Whole-In-One Shirt: a dapper, lightweight shirt-sweater hybrid from Lance Evans. The “shirt” is actually just a shirt top cleverly sewn into the sweater, so you’re really wearing a single layer (but no one will be the wiser). Tie-compatible, too.
Pet Lover's Perfect Dress
Pet Lover’s Perfect Dress: Just a pretty polka-dotted dress? Look closer and you’ll see gazillions of teeny paw prints. We hasten to point out that these paws are not species-specific and therefore in no way exclude dog or bear aficionados.

Silicon Valley Fashion Week? Yes!

What will our upcoming three-day fusion of fashion and technology entail, exactly? Will it resemble the Terminator with a Karl Lagerfeld exoskeleton? Quite possibly, but we were also thinking about things like tech wearables, 3D printing, crowdsourced designs, and so on.

Help us shape Silicon Valley Fashion Week! Go to the SVFW Think Tank and tell us how we can make this a truly extraordinary event. No idea too outlandish.
Silicon Valley Fashion Week
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