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Spring Collections, Gravity-Defying Video, Pant-Photo Referendum.

Shorts Season Has Arrived

Six New Men's Shorts

Here in San Francisco, we’re especially appreciative of warm, sunny days. Probably because we never know when we’ll get one.

Maybe that’s led to some excessive enthusiasm for all things summer: witness, for example, the seven styles of shorts we’re rolling out this season as part of our Men’s Spring Collection, each made from excessively comfy stuff like organic cotton and recycled hemp. (Do we have a Women’s Spring Collection, too? Of course.)
Men's Shorts


Atomic Robin’s Egg – Uranium enrichment can yield unexpected delights.
Admiral’s Shorts – The most important naval engagement since the Battle of Trafalgar.
Asphalt – If you experience road rash, you’re probably allergic to soft, lovely cotton.
Holy Grayl – Whosoever wears these shorts shall receive everlasting lifeplenty of knee compliments.
Red Seersucker – Machine-wash in cold water or refreshing mint julep.
General’s Shorts – Inspired by Douglas MacArthur’s legendary gams.
USA Shorts – Because you have a constitutional right to bare legs.
Atomic Robin's Egg Shorts

Check out each shorts page for more gravity-defying photos, close-ups of all the cool pocket liners, and lots of other product details. Pre-order now and you’ll save 10%.
Admiral's Shorts

One more thing: Lest you think our models have superhuman powers of levitation or have mastered the art of yogic flying, we’ve prepared a brief, behind-the-scenes video of our recent shorts shoot. (Click to watch the whole thing.)
Video: The Great Traveling Trampoline

Forecast Calls For A Star-Spangled Summer

At first, we thought the bald eagle meant to attack us. Then we realized all the squawking and carrying on was meant to draw our attention to the parchment scroll clutched in its mighty blood-soaked talons.

It was an urgent message from Uncle Sam, beseeching Betabrand to make more preposterously patriotic USA Shorts for men and women. The fate of the Republic, it seems, is now in our hands!
Women's USA Shorts

Rest assured, no other shorts upon the fruited plain are so generously spangled!USA Shorts are made in America (of course) and will ship most anywhere else on Earth. Pre-order today and save.
Men's USA Shorts

New T-Shirts

Soft, comfy tees to go with all your new shorts.
New T-Shirts

What Else Is New?

Glad you asked.
Black-Ops Space Jacket
Black-Ops Space Jacket: Author Trevor Paglen has created a clandestine version of our originalSpace Jacket. Inspired by the shadow world of space-based spycraft, the Black-Ops features [REDACTED].
Space Bandana Button-Up
Space Bandana Shirt: The odyssey continues with Steven B. Wheeler’s latest homage to the cosmos. This button-up features a custom print that combines traditional bandana motifs with actual engineering diagrams from the space program.
Blue-Gingham Oxnard Shirt
Blue-Gingham Oxnard Shirt: A Californian’s answer to the stiff, stuffy Oxford. It’s a button-down, but it’s not buttoned down. Check out all four Oxnard styles here and help put an end to British tyranny.
Noragi Jacket
Noragi Jacket: Features a design inspired by traditional Japanese workwear, brought to life in a waffle weave of beautiful, indigo-dyed Japanese cotton that gets softer and more textured over time. For the samurai who needs to unwind.
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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