Win An Amusing, Possibly Shocking, Catered Lunch! Show Us Your Office!

Show Us Your Office!
A Dress Pant Yoga Pants Challenge

Show Us Your Office! A Dress Pant Yoga Pants Challenge

Ever wonder what goes on at Betabrand? The little slideshow above shows our Dress Pant Yoga Pants in action on a typical day. Now, how about your office? With tens of thousands of women around the world now wearing Dress Pant Yoga Pants, we want to see how they look in all those many workplaces.

If you own a pair, send us a photo of you and your pants performing heroically or otherwise: closing deals, berating underlings, enjoying snacks, furtively boozing, et cetera, and you may win our Show Us Your Office Challenge! (If you don’t own a pair, please consider remedying the situation.)

How To Enter: Just upload your photos to our site, and you’re automatically entered. (Upload as many photos as you like; be as creative as you like.) Everyone who enters will receive a code good for 20% off their next order — just be sure to click the button under “Existing Customer?”

Grand Prize: An amusing, possibly shocking, catered lunch for you and the nine coworkers you loathe the least.

Deadline Submission: Friday, March 20. We’ll announce the winner soon thereafter. (Winner will be chosen by a combination of Facebook likes and the fickle opinions of our staff.)
Show Us Your Office! A Dress Pant Yoga Pants Challenge

Bring These Designs To Life

Some of these projects have already reached their crowdfunding goals; others still need a little help. Fund your favorites today and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping. The sooner you fund, the more you’ll save.

Remember: We only make what our fans want!
Zip-Up Yoga Tunic
Zip-Up Yoga Tunic: Made from ultra-premium Polartec® Power Wool™, this elegant, versatile tunic boasts all the best features of fine Merino wool, with no itchiness, shrinkage, or static. The ultimate post-workout top, designed by Christine Herron.
Bluebird Boyfriend Shirt: Relaxed fit, workwear-inspired detailing, and a flock of friendly bluebirds. (Do you demand more avian-themed apparel? May we suggest our lovely new Bluebird Sundress.)
Two-Piece Tunic: As our triplet models demonstrate, this smart garment combines a tank top and a tunic turtleneck for three looks in one! 
Butterfly Yoga Leggings
Butterfly Yoga Leggings: Colorful new leggings from Michelle Thomas and Debby Siegel, better know as the YoGoGirls. Also available in a Fireflyprint.
Apres Yoga Jogger Pants
Après Yoga Jogger Pants: These luxurious new post-workout pants from designer Tony Wloch are lightweight and incredibly soft — and that’s just for starters. Made from the same Polartec® Power Wool™ as the Zip-Up Yoga Tunic.

New In The Think Tank: Rayn Jacket

Originally designed for wheelchair users, the weather-resistant Rayn Jacket features an ingenious lap cover that anyone can appreciate. If enough folks like it, we’ll make it! Vote now for this new design from MIT’s Open Style Lab.

What other ideas are percolating in our Think Tank? Check out dozens of other design concepts submitted by folks from around the world, then help decide which ones become actual Betabrand products!
Rayn Jacket

Shamrock-Soaked San Francisco Soiree!
Sartorial Slamboree In Seattle!

1. TONIGHT@ 6 P.M. in Seattle: join the redoubtable Chris and Aaron (our CEO and VP of Marketing) at the White Horse Trading Company (1908 Post Alley) for drinks (free if you’re wearing Betabrand stuff!) and discussion — mostly about about Detlef Schrempf. Slightly more info HERE.

2. TUESDAY (MARCH 17) 5-9 P.M. in San Francisco: Swing by our store at 780 Valencia Street for an evening of cinema, libations, and general tomfoolery. RSVP HERE.
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