Reserve A Black Sheep Sweater – While You Can!

Attention, Black Sheep Of The Family:
We’re Now Taking Reservations
For A Rare Feast Of Black Fleece!

How rare are black sheep? Very rare. Not quite Sasquatch-rare, but rest assured they’re pretty darn close. Which is why we suggest you read this newsletter with heightened urgency, if not all-out panic.

Only about 1% of domestic sheep are naturally dark, which is why we have to make our Black Sheep Sweaters in such absurdly small batches. Lucky for you, there’s now a classic, crew-neck men’s sweater in crowdfunding. Reserve yours today and save as much as 30%.

We suggest hurrying. While it’s often wise to take your time, this is not one of those times.
Men's & Women's Black Sheep Sweaters - Reserve Yours Now!

You’ll also save 10% if you pre-order a women’s Black Sheep Wrap Sweater, far and away our most popular product of 2014, which is sort of the problem.

See, to keep up with demand, we’ve been forced to source black fleece from flocks throughout the Western United States, in addition to the small, Yellowstone-area ranches we usually depend on.

And yet, we’ll still be able to knit only a very limited number — teensy-weeny would be the technical term — of men’s and women’s sweaters. 
Women's Black Sheep Wrap Sweaters - Reserve Yours Now!

Taking sweater reservations now means we can at least ensure that a lucky few (maybe you?) will receive a genuine Black Sheep Sweater come late summer. More than 200 women’s sweaters have already been reserved, so yes, further wool-related procrastination on your part would be imprudent.

Secure a men’s or women’s Black Sheep Sweater now; come fall, they’ll be as scarce as black sheep themselves!
Men's & Women's Black Sheep Sweaters - Reserve Yours Now!

Après Yoga Jogger Pants

Made from an ultra-premium Polartec Performance wool blend, these luxurious new post-workout pants from designer Tony Wloch are lightweight and incredibly soft — and that’s just for starters.
Apres Yoga Jogger Pants

They feature all the great performance properties of Merino wool, like body-temp regulation, moisture wicking, and odor-resistance, with none of the itchiness, shrinkage, and static associated with traditional wool. And they’re machine-washable!

Help turn Tony’s prototype pants into an official Betabrand product today and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
Apres Yoga Jogger Pants

The Yoga Zip-Up Tunic

Silicon Valley investor/entrepreneur Christine Herron is crowdfunding the ultimate post-workout top! Made from the same Polartec Performance blend as Après Yoga Jogger Pants, this elegant, versatile tunic boasts all the best features of fine Merino wool, with no itchiness, shrinkage, or static.
New Yoga Zip-Up Tunic

With an asymmetric design inspired by dancers’ tops, the Zip-Up Yoga Tunic is great for home, office, and anywhere in between! (Pairs wonderfully with Dress Pant Yoga Pants.)

Speaking of dancers, Christine will donate her share of the proceeds to Alonzo King LINES Ballet — that is, if her project reaches its funding goal. Help turn her tunic prototype into a full-fledged product today!
New Yoga Zip-Up Tunic

More Prototypes You Can Help Bring To Life

Some have already reached their goals; others still need a little help. Fund your favorite projects today and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping. Remember: We only make what our fans want!
New Dress Pant Yoga Pants!
New Dress Pant Yoga Pants: Our most popular product ever now comes in Herringbone and Glen-Plaid! These two pant prototypes zoomed past their funding goals in less than 24 hours and are headed into production soon.
Flashback Photobomber Hoodie:This amazingly reflective garment makes ordinary iPhone images go supernova. Slip one on and become the ultimate photobomber!
Poo-Emoji Dress: With the runaway success of our men’s shirt and shoes, ladies have been clamoring for poo-emoji apparel of their own. That’s why we’re so excited to announce this new women’s fashion movement!
Black Seersucker Pants
Black Seersucker Pants: The darkest, lightest trousers around! Also be sure to check out our Black SeersuckerBlazer and Dress.
Two-Piece Tunic: As our triplet models demonstrate, this smart garment combines a tank top and a tunic turtleneck for three looks in one! 
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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