New Designs for Patriots, Voodoo Doctors, and Insect Lovers

Plus New Designs For Patriots, Voodoo Doctors & Insect Lovers

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Every year, Betabrand performs a tribute to seersucker, the puckery cloth that cooled the South long before the invention of air conditioning. 

And, every year, we only make a limited collection, because seersucker is perfect from April through August, then strictly forbidden by seasonal style laws.

This year’s design inspiration: patriotism and voodoo. A natural pairing. No?  

Red Alert Style Note: The Red-Stripe Seersucker Shorts and Blazer pair nicely with any outfit. But when worn together, bald eagles and stealth bombers will tip their wing out of respect. 

The midnight Black Dress and Suit come from the mind of Paul Fernand Artigues, a Betabrand fan who demanded dark designs for a cooler nightlife. Sage advice from a chef and musician from New Orleans. 

The SuckerLab collection is now in production and will ship in April. As with all prior seersucker designs supplies are limited, so reserve your products now.

Watch Out Spiderwoman!

Thanks to Michelle Thomas and Debby Siegel, there are now yoga leggings you can comfortably wear while stretching on the ceiling. 

This St. Louis-based arts and athletics duo decided it was time to turn yoga’s insect poses into pants. You can now crowdfund their Blue-Butterfly and Black-Firefly designs into Betabrand products and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
What's that? A Spiderwoman!

Their pants are form-fitting throughout, with a high waistband that has a hidden key/card pocket. And, as they ably demonstrate, the leggings’ poly-spandex fabric allows you to effortlessly move up walls and slither through staircases (not pictured).

A Crowdfunding Record?

In under a week, fans have funded two new Dress Pant Yoga Pant designs to over 300% of their goal – proving it was a great idea to try out prototypes in subtle patterns like Herringbone and Glen-Plaid.

More Prototypes You Can Help Bring To Life

Flashback Photobomber Hoodie:This amazingly reflective hoodie turns you into a thermonuclear photobomber!
Two-Piece Tunic: Combines a tank top and a tunic turtleneck, for three looks for the price of one! 
Bluebird Boyfriend Shirt: Relaxed boyfriend fit meets workwear-inspired detailing, plus hundreds of bluebirds!.
Poo-Emoji Dress: Ladies, there’s now poo for you, too! (Along with our men’sshirt and shoes.)

New In Think Tank: Travel Yoga Pants

Finally, we present the Travel Yoga Pants concept from womenswear designer Tony Wloch. These insanely comfy and hidden-pocket-toting pants feature designs inspired by travel destinations along the earth’s 40th parallel north.

Vote for them to ensure you get the first alert and dibs on the biggest savings if they go into crowdfunding. 
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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