02/05 Flu-Fighting Fashion?

Weather The Snot-Storm!

Protect Yourself This Flu Season!

So much to cover: scientific breakthroughs in womenswear, new Nordic legends, competitive-eating triumph, and more! But first …

Subway riders know that this time of year can be a veritable Category 5 Snot-Storm: thunderous sneezing, heavy spittle showers, and dangerous phlegm accumulation. Shield yourself with the Germinator Transit Jacket!
Protect Yourself This Flu Season!

We teamed up with the folks at gravitytank to create this breathable, water-resistant softshell designed to form a barrier between you and the mass-transit miasma.
Protect Yourself This Flu Season!

  • Silver-infused anti-microbial fabric on pullout sleeve cuffs & collar shield.
  • Built-in transit-pass holder.
  • Removable hood.
  • Quick-cooling ventilation.
Protect Yourself This Flu Season!

Put on a Germinator Transit Jacket and commute with confidence!
Protect Yourself This Flu Season!

The Science Of Crowdfunding:
Ferrofluid Disco Leggings,
Beautiful-Chemistry Top

Note To Metallurgists: Olivia Lopez’s new leggings do not contain actual ferromagnetic fluid; they possess a different (and fairly obvious) magnetic attraction.

Note To Chemists: As part of the Beautiful Chemistry* project, Yan Liang works to share the wonder of chemistry with the world. His new top certainly got our attention.
Help Ferrofluid Disco Leggings and the Beautiful-Chemistry Top reach their funding goals and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
*A collaboration between the Institute of Advanced Technology at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and Tsinghua University Press.

Space Rebooties

Why did Steven B. Wheeler tweak his Space Booties halfway through crowdfunding? Well, a lot of folks told us they like the overall design, but not the patch.

Steven’s updated prototype features a redesigned logo patch on the side, plus some new red piping. If you like the look, fund it today!
Redesigned Space Booties

More Prototypes You Can Help Bring To Life

Fund them now and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
Haeckeloha Dress
Haeckeloha Dress: Like our original men’s Hawaiian-style Haeckeloha Shirt (now in three colors), Catie Magee’s new dress is awash in colorful, cavorting wee beasties, based on illustrations from Ernst Haeckel’s book “Kunstformen der Natur.”
360 Reversible Dress
360 Reversible Dress: Four dresses in one! Whatever the occasion, Elizabeth Irwin’s new creation has you covered. Go with solid black or a geometric print, then choose a high-boat or low-scoop neckline; all you need to do is flip this dress front to back or turn it inside out!
Morning-Mess Jacket
Morning-Mess Jacket: From Nicole Spyt comes a jacket designed to keep all your daily essentials safe, secure, and eminently find-able, no matter how much of a rush you’re in. Features soft cotton-brushed twill, pockets galore, and other goodies.

Newest Idea In The Think Tank

Check out Brian Schmierer’s design for a lightweight, weather-resistant version of the classic pea coat. Think we should make a prototype? Vote now!

Remember: If the SFP Coat goes into crowdfunding, voters get first dibs — and the biggest savings!
SFP Coat

Disco Ambassadors In Action Around The World!

WING BOWL 23: Congratulations to champion Pat Bertoletti (sunglasses, beard) and fellow devourer Tim “Gravy” Brown, who collectively polished off 575 wings. Hats off to these shining stars of the competitive-eating cosmos!
Disco at the Wingbowl

REYKJAVIK: Last week, we sent contest winner Mark Bloom to Iceland to enjoy a stimulating evening with Betabrand operatives Hogni and Thor — on the coldest day of the year. Their tales of revelry shall be told in Valhalla evermore!
Disco in Reykjavik
From right to left: Mark, Thor, and a particle physicist from MIT who briefly stole Hogni’s Disco Hoodie.
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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