02/03 Haeckeloha! New Dress + Men’s Shirts

Haeckeloha! Our Newest Shirts & Dress Go Under The Microscope

New Haeckeloha Dress & Shirts

A BOLD CLAIM, INDEED: Of the many fine garments inspired by 19th-century European biologists, today’s offerings are perhaps the very finest.*

Designer Josh Lacey took intricate illustrations of microscopic organisms from Ernst Haeckel’s “Kunstformen der Natur” and put them on his Hawaiian-style Haeckeloha Shirt — now available in three colors, each awash in cavorting wee beasties.

And thanks to first-time Think Tank designer Catie McGee, there’s also a dress to match.
Red Haeckeloha Shirt

IMMUNIZATION UNNECESSARY: We’ve received assurances from Josh, Catie, and the World Health Organization that all four of these lightweight cotton garments are 100% pathogen-free.
Haeckeloha Dress

BONUS: Extensive stoner analysis confirms they’re really, really awesome to look at, sometimes for an hour or more.
Tan Haeckeloha Shirt

LADIES: Help crowdfund Catie’s Haeckeloha Dress today and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping! Remember, we’ll turn this prototype into a full-fledged product onlyif it reaches its funding goal.
Haeckeloha Dress

AND GENTLEMEN: Original Navy Haeckeloha Shirts, graciously modeled by Haeckel himself (below), are ready to ship this very minute. Our limited run of redand tan shirts are available for pre-order, with 10% savings and free shipping.
Navy Haeckeloha Shirt
*Thomas Henry Huxley, Paul Ehrlich, et al. — suck it.

More In Crowdfunding

Here are some other new prototypes you can help bring to life. Fund them now and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
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Poo-Emoji Shirt
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