01/29 Reflective Commuter Sweater + 20% Off All Bike to Workwear

New Reflective Commuter Sweater,
Plus 20% Off ALL Bike to Workwear!

Bike to Work Reflective Sweater

20% off everything in our Bike to Work Collection? YES!

Pants, shirts, skirts, jackets, hoodies, shoes, scarves, blazers, and more? Again, YES! Just use code Bike20 — valid through Friday, January 30. No exceptions.

Actually, one exception: our brand-new, crowdfundable Bike to Work Reflective Sweater, which can be yours for up to 30% off, plus free shipping (no code required).

About that sweater: made from an amazingly soft, supple Merino-wool blend, with retroreflective yarn knit right in! By day, it’s handsome and mild-mannered; come nighttime, however, this garment glows in the headlights of oncoming traffic like an apoplectic Tesla coil.
Bike to Work Reflective Sweater

In point of fact, Betabrand is not yet able to genetically engineer sheep with the DNA of bioluminescent jellyfish. We think this sweater is the next best thing. Certainly a lot less squishy.
Bike to Work Reflective Sweater
Bike to Work Reflective Sweater

STYLE MEETS SAFETY! Help bring Steven B. Wheeler’s commuter sweater to life and save up to 30%.

And remember: Now through Friday, use code Bike20 to save 20% on everything else in our Bike to Work Collection, including all women’s items! (Pictured: Bike to Work Skirt in black & gray, Women’s Bike to Work Pants in black & gray.)
Women's Bike to Work
Save 20% On All Bike to Workwear

Now Hiring: Everyone

A slight exaggeration, perhaps. But, as you can imagine, the pant-shaped zeppelin that serves as Betabrand HQ has a lot of room to fill.

So: We’re looking for engineers, creatives, customer-service savants, captains of e-commerce, interns, and anyone else who can potentially help us become the biggest company on Earth — and beyond.

Think you’d like to work for us? Check out our job openings, then convince us that we should hire you. (Zeppelin-piloting experience a tremendous plus.)
Jobs At Betabrand

More In Crowdfunding

Here are just some of the new prototypes you can help bring to life. Fund them nowand save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
360 Reversible Dress
360 Reversible Dress: Four dresses in one! Whatever the occasion, Elizabeth Irwin’s new creation has you covered. Go with solid black or a geometric print, then choose a high-boat or low-scoop neckline; all you need to do is flip this dress front to back or turn it inside out!
Space Messenger Bag
Space Messenger Bag: Designed to keep your essentials safe from prying alien fingers — or tentacles. Made of quilted Tyvek with nylon Cordura contrast details. BONUS: includes matching laptop sleeve!
Work-It Pencil Skirt
Work-It Pencil Skirt: Comedian Jesse Draper has designed her own version of this fan-favorite garment. Along with a new fit, her pencil skirt features stretchy knit fabric and a hidden zippered pocket in back.
Unisex Space Booties
Unisex Space Booties: No matter where your travels take you, remember this one universal constant: It’s fun to say “Space Booties.” This toasty Tyvek footwear features rubber outsoles, polyfill insulation with nylon taffeta lining, and detachable patches.
Morning-Mess Jacket
Morning-Mess Jacket: From Nicole Spyt comes a jacket designed to keep all your daily essentials safe, secure, and eminently find-able, no matter how much of a rush you’re in. Features soft cotton-brushed twill, pockets galore, and other goodies.
Jacket of Infinite Improbability
Jacket of Infinite Improbability: This weather-resistant jacket from designer Steve Teeps has everything a hitchhiker needs — like a towel, of course. (Fabric content includes coated ripstop nylon and space-time.)
Popshop Convert-A-Skirt Overalls
Popshop Convert-A-Skirt Overalls: Three looks in one! These stretch-denim overalls can quickly transform into a skirt and purse. An innovative new design from Popshop curator Noemi Garcia.

Dear God, This Is A Horrifying Idea

Headline correction: Upon closer inspection, it seems designer Milo Morgado is not proposing scratch ‘n’ sniff socks. So, we are no longer horrified — just intrigued.

Would you like socks representing some of nature’s foulest odors? Do you have some other nose-blasting miasma for Milo’s consideration? Go to his Smelly Socks page to read more, leave feedback, and VOTE!
Vote For Smelly Socks
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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