01/27 Ask An Antarctican

Space Program Special!

As we explained last week, Earth will soon be rendered uninhabitable by an apocalyptic comet impact and simultaneous invasion of sex-crazed aliens — hence, the urgent need for space-age clothing and accessories designed for a more interstellar lifestyle.

That said, our insulated Tyvek Space Jackets do work wonderfully here on Earth, at least for the brief time it has left. Should you want more info, scroll down and:

Ask our expert what it’s like to wear a Space Jacket in Earth’s harshest climate.

–Find out how you can customize these jackets for your own adventure!

–Explore our entire Space Program, including the Black-Ops Space Jacket.

(Female readers uninterested in men’s jackets, Antarctica, and orcas may skip directly to brand-new dresses, skirts, and jackets in the crowdfunding section.)
Men's Space Jacket

Ask An Antarctican! (12-1 EST Today)

Model Citizen and current resident of Antarctica Jeffrey Donenfeld is taking a break from ice coring to answer your questions about his adopted continent at noon EST!

Just click here, scroll down, and ask away. (Feel free to post questions before noon; they just won’t be answered until Jeffrey wakes up.) Sample inquiries:
  • On a scale of 1-10, how wise is it to urinate outdoors?
  • How has your Space Jacket performed? Are the other scientists jealous?
  • Is it true that orca are telepathic?
  • Was that photo really taken in Antarctica, or is that you posing by the wreckage of an Imperial probe droid on Hoth?
Ask An Antarctican

Custom Patches For Your Jacket!

Did you know it’s really easy to create your own Space Jacket patches? Each jacket comes with three detachable Velcro patches, but you can swap ’em out for custom versions in seconds — corporate logos, intergalactic-mission emblems, or anything else you like! (Actual examples below.)

Places like this can create your custom patches. Or write info@betabrand.com and we’ll help get you started.
Custom Patches For Your Space Jacket

And Now, The Dark Matter At Hand

Our newest Think Tank idea comes courtesy of artist and author Trevor Paglen. His Black-Ops Space Jacket pays homage to spaced-based spycraft, a subject Trevor has written about extensively.

Click here to learn more, leave feedback, and help turn Trevor’s jacket design into a crowdfundable prototype!
Black-Ops Space Jacket

Explore The Crowdfunding Cosmos

Here are just some of the new prototypes you can help bring to life. Fund them nowand save up to 30%, plus get free shipping.
Unisex Space Booties
Unisex Space Booties: No matter where your travels take you, remember this one universal constant: It’s fun to say “Space Booties.” This toasty Tyvek footwear features rubber outsoles, polyfill insulation with nylon taffeta lining, and detachable patches.
Space Messenger Bag
Space Messenger Bag: Designed to keep your essentials safe from prying alien fingers — or tentacles. Made of quilted Tyvek with nylon Cordura contrast details. BONUS: includes matching laptop sleeve!
Women's Space Jacket
Women’s Space Jacket: Because you never get a second chance to make first contact! All the fantastic features of our original men’s version, now with a new fit and classic varsity-jacket styling.
Jacket of Infinite Improbability
Jacket of Infinite Improbability: This weather-resistant jacket from designer Steve Teeps has everything a hitchhiker needs — like a towel, of course. (Fabric content includes coated ripstop nylon and space-time.)
360 Reversible Dress
360 Reversible Dress: Four dresses in one! Flip it around, wear it inside out — whatever the occasion, Elizabeth Irwin’s new creation has you covered. Choose solid black or a geometric print, then decide what neckline suits your mood.
Work-It Pencil Skirt
Work-It Pencil Skirt: Comedian Jesse Draper has designed her own version of this fan-favorite garment. Along with a new fit, her pencil skirt features stretchy knit fabric and a hidden zippered pocket in back.
Morning-Mess Jacket
Morning-Mess Jacket: From Nicole Spyt comes a jacket designed to keep all your daily essentials safe, secure, and eminently find-able, no matter how much of a rush you’re in. Features soft cotton-brushed twill, pockets galore, and other goodies.
Popshop Convert-A-Skirt Overalls
Popshop Convert-A-Skirt Overalls: Three looks in one! These stretch-denim overalls can quickly transform into a skirt and purse. An innovative new design from Popshop curator Noemi Garcia.
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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