01/21 Battle Royale: California vs. British Empire

Behold, The Unstuffed Shirt!

Mini-Check Oxnard Button-Down

What is it, exactly, that separates Oxnard from Oxford, besides 5,420 miles? Read on! (Women are encouraged to scroll past all this jingoistic blather and check out Convert-A-Skirt Overalls and the Morning-Mess Jacket.)

LONG SINCE HAS THE SARTORIAL SUN SET upon the British Empire, yet the Oxford Shirt stubbornly endures, stiff and stale, a uniform of uniformity — of tedium woven from the fabric of an uninspired universe.

‘TWAS THE FASHION RUNWAY OF MANIFEST DESTINY upon which this garment first rumbled across America like a Conestoga Wagon of Conformity until, at last, it reached the glistening Pacific. Whereupon it began dispiriting men posthaste!
Oxford Shirt vs. Oxnard Shirt

DOES THE OXFORD BESPEAK OPTIMISM, OR OPPRESSION? The latter, we bravely postulate. For does it not remind you of interminable church services, or school outfits that gave you fits, or bosses demanding you dress in their own monotonous, mind-mulching manner?
Striped Oxnard Button-Down

REJOICE NOW FOR THE UNSTUFFED SHIRT! The Oxnard was conjured not out of thin air, but rather the bracing, sea-breezy air of the California coast. Contrast that, if you will, with the miasma of musty flatulence that bore its predecessor.
Mini-Check Oxnard Button-Down

GENTS OF THE GOLDEN STATE, and wherever else shirts are worn: Throw off the chafing yoke of the Oxford Shirt! Slip on an Oxnard, and proudly stick out your chest — stick it out to the West!

The Oxnard Button-Down is available in striped, mini-check, and windowpane.
Windowpane Oxnard Button-Down

New In Crowdfunding

Check out Popshop Convert-A-Skirt Overalls and the Morning-Mess Jacket, our very latest crowdfundable prototypes. Reserve yours today and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping!
Morning-Mess Jacket & COnvert-A-Skirt Overalls

Noemi’s new prototype is three looks in one — four if you try wearing the detachable bib/purse as a mask.
Popshop Convert-A-Skirt Overalls

And Nicole’s jacket was designed to keep all your daily essentials safe, secure, and eminently find-able, no matter how much of a rush you’re in. (This assumes your list of daily essentials does not include ponies.)

Visit the Covert-A-Skirt and Morning-Mess product pages for loads of photos, design info, and the chance to save up to 30%.
Morning-Mess Jacket

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Newest Fashion On The Runway: AvGEEK Shirts

A new idea submitted by designer Jerome Daksiewicz: shirts festooned with airport runways from around the country. What do you think? Vote, comment, share!
AvGeek Shirts
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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