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Make These Designs Great!
Khaki Slackies For Him,
Après Yoga (And More) For Her

Slackies, Apres Collection, Londonderry Collection
Many of Betabrand’s biggest hits started in the Think Tank, our fan-fueled design lab where folks like you help us turn ideas into crowdfundable prototypes. Today, we’d like your feedback on three new projects we’re particularly excited about.

Check ’em all out, then vote for your favorites; you can even interact with the designers! Matt, Tony, and Alisa are standing by to answer questions right now; just scroll down to the comment section on each product page. First up …

Slackies, From Matt Thier

We’re constantly innovating workplace wardrobes with inventions like Dress Pant Sweatpants, Executive Hoodies, and Oxnard Shirts. In that same vein, Matt has started his Slackies project with the modest goal of re-imagining America’s venerable office trousers. Join him on this historic quest!
New In The Think Tank: Slackies!

Everything is up for debate: fit, fabric, color, design details (well, a crotchless version is probably not in the cards), even the name.

Visit the Slackies page now to learn more about this project, leave feedback for Matt, and vigorously debate fellow fans from around the world! And if you want us to create a crowdfundable Slackies prototype, don’t forget to vote.
New In The Think Tank: Slackies!

The Après Yoga Collection, From Tony Wloch

A new line inspired by the runaway success of Dress Pant Yoga Pants, with all the comfort and casual style of men’s Après Sweatpants!

The Après Yoga Collection features four designs, for now: pants, pullover, cowl dress, and crisscross tank.
Après Yoga Collection

With your help, Tony’s going to make these the go-to garments for after work, after workouts, after whatever.

Check ’em all out, then tell Tony what you think about the colors, design details, and pretty much anything else.
Après Yoga Collection

The Londonderry Collection, From Alisa Schulhof

With all due respect to our Bike to Workwear customers, Annie Londonderry was something special: the first woman to cycle around the world — in the 1890s, no less. And without a helmet!

Now Think Tank newcomer Alisa Schulhof wants to create a modern clothing collection imbued with that spirit of globetrotting (globecycling?) adventure.
Londonderry Collection

Vintage design details meet today’s fit and fabrics … and what else? Help Alisa shape the Londonderry Collection — learn more, leave feedback, and vote.

Remember, if enough folks like these Think Tank designs, we’ll turn them intocrowdfundable prototypes!
Londonderry Collection

Plenty Of Brown To Go Around

Attention, Poo-Emoji Shoe owners: Did you know you can now get a matching button-up shirt that’s been covered by the likes of Buzzfeed, MTV, GQ, and Playboy?

Attention, Poo-Emoji Shirt crowdfunders: Did you know you can order a pair of matching shoes that are ready to ship today?

Two great garments that go great together. Think of them like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Actually, please don’t.
Poo-Emoji Shirt & Shoes

BONUS: With literally billions of women demanding poo-emoji clothing of their own, we’ve whipped up a new dress design in the Think Tank.

In the interest of democracy, we’re letting the masses choose the featured emoji: a tiny pile of grinning poo, or something else? Vote now!
Poo-Emoji Dress
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