Betabrand & Norton Create the World’s First RFID-Blocking Jeans and Blazer

Did you know that more than 10 million identities are digitally pickpocketed every year? One of the most common tools criminals use are RFID/NFC (radio-frequency identification/near-field communication) readers which they use to scan credit cards straight from your pocket without you realizing it! It’s estimated that by 2015, more than 70% of all credit cards will be vulnerable to such attacks.

That’s why we partnered with with global information-protection authority Norton to create the world’s first RFID-blocking jeans to develop the world’s first RFID-block jeans and blazer. The READY Active Jeans and Work-It Blazer protected by Norton have two pockets lined with special RFID-blocking fabric, which shields your credit cards from scanning devices.

Thanks to Betabrand designer Steven B. Wheeler and the folks at Norton, you can now own our most technologically advanced jeans and blazers ever! Order the world’s first RFID-blocking jeans and blazer today, and make sure your info stays yours!

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