11/25 Newsletter: Rain Shacket For Him, No. 1 Dress-Vest For Her

Rain Shacket

Lots to tell you about today! Let’s start with the Rain Shacket, new from Tim LaSalle. This lightweight, water-resistant garment wears like a shirt but with the conveniences of a jacket, including plenty of pockets and a detachable hood.

MAGIC-FABRIC BONUS! With normal wear, the Rain Shacket takes on a patina similar to waxed cotton. Should you tire of this handsome, broken-in look, just use a warm iron to reset the fabric to its original appearance.
Rain Shacket

Next up is Julia Marino’s No. 1 Dress-Vest, a versatile, glamping-friendly garment born from one of nature’s most enduring mysteries: Where the hell’s the bathroom?
No. 1 Dress-Vest

PROBLEM SOLVED! Julia’s design includes handy side zippers (see below), much to the relief of outdoorswomen everywhere, plus plenty of other features to keep you comfy while hiking through the woods — or around town. When the weather turns chilly, its stylish slim fit still has room for layers underneath.
No. 1 Dress-Vest

Help crowdfund the Rain Shacket and the No. 1 Dress-Vest today and save up to 30%, plus get free shipping!

More Crowdfundable Creations

Here are just a few of the other new prototypes you can help turn into actual products. If they reach their funding goals, we’ll make more! (Note: All five men’s items below are part of our Battle of the TechWork Stars; for each one that’s successfully crowdfunded, we’ll donate 10% of the proceeds to the designer’s favorite charity.)
STL Jacket: Has Bre Pettis designed a homage to St. Louis? No. An ultralight Tyvek jacket featuring a 3D-inspired print? Yes!
STL Jacket

MISSanthrope Hoodie: From Sarah James comes a sleek, stylish barrier between you and the rest of humanity. At last, a garment that says, “F**k off, subway weirdo!”
MISSanthrope Hoodie

Magnum Pi Hawaiian Shirt: Inspired by Thomas Magnum’s famous floral shirt, made with millions (more or less) of tiny pi symbols. From Jeff Bonforte.
Magnum Pi Hawaiian Shirt

Dress Pant Jogger Pants: Tony Conrad’s sportier version of our famous Dress Pant Sweatpants.
Dress Pant Jogger Pants

Accelerator Hawaiian Shirt: This is what designer Brad Feld gets for fooling around with quantum mechanics. (We asked reddit Photoshoppers to go to town on his image; click here to see the amusing results.)
Accelerator Hawaiian Shirt

Shirt Optimization: With apologies to Jeff and Brad, SEO wizard Rand Fishkin believes there can be only one shirt.
Shirt Optimization

Battle Of The TechWork Stars, Women’s Division

Which of these new workwear designs will turn into crowdfundable prototypes? That’s up to you. Vote now!
Battle of the TechWork Stars, Women's Division

New Photo Contest: A Fancy Feast For The Eyes

YOU can appear in the final issue of Cat Fancy Magazine! Upload your funniest Model Citizen photos by Dec. 5 for the chance to star in our ad in America’s feline publication of record. (Cat and non-cat photos equally welcome.)

The sooner you submit, the sooner folks can vote for your photos on Facebook. Check out a few of our first contestants here.

Remember: Everyone who uploads photos will get a 10% or 20% discount code, plus eternal fame on our homepage!
You can star in Cat Fancy Magazine!
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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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